Parent Access to Information

  • News and EventsIn order for parents of Dean students to have online access to student information, the student needs to grant access by following these instructions:

    1. The student must go to DeanAdvisor on Today@Dean and log in.
    2. Select the “Students” menu.
    3. Under the "Academic Profile" heading, select “Grant Rights to Parent/Guardian/Other.” The screen will display the student’s parents/guardians who are currently on file in the system.
    4. To grant rights to an individual on this screen, the student should check the “GRANT” box, AND select from the drop-down menu the type of access:
    • Academic Information (grades, class schedule)
    • Financial Information (allows electronic bill payment)
    • Both
        5. If the student wants to grant rights to an individual who is not on the list, he or she should go back to the academic profile     menu and select “Add Parent/Guardian/Other.” The student will need to provide information about this individual, including     an email address, and select which type of access to grant.

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