Parking Information

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      All parking decals must be displayed in the back window on the driver’s side of the vehicle unless otherwise approved.

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      Temporary parking permits are issued by Dean Campus Safety when:

      • A faculty/staff member or student who has been issued a parking decal finds it necessary to bring a different (unregistered) vehicle on campus.
      • A faculty/staff member or student wishes to invite a visitor to Dean College.
      • Students, faculty and staff may obtain special medical temporary permits if approved by a doctor’s explanation and request. This request is necessary for the issuance of a permit. All medical permits are valid for up to six weeks. Issuance of another permit after six weeks requires another doctor’s request.

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      Only vehicles displaying a current issued decal are authorized to use Dean College parking lot areas. Students must park in their assigned lots at all times. Exceptions to this rule may only be given by Dean Campus Safety on an as-needed basis. The following color coded decal system is in effect beginning fall of 2014:

      Dean Hall Parking lot - TEAL Rectangle Decal

      • Staff/Faculty/Visitor parking
      • Commuter or SCS student parking after 5 p.m. ONLY

      Campus Center Parking lot - TEAL Rectangle Decal

      • Staff/Faculty/Visitor parking
      • Commuter or SCS student parking after 5 p.m. ONLY

      Jones Parking lot (Hillside Road) - PURPLE Rectangle Decal

      Resident Student parking for the following locations:

      • Alumni Memorial Hall
      • Dean Hall 
      • Ewen Hall 
      • Franklin Center Commons II 
      • Jones Hall 
      • Wallace Hall 
      • Woodward Hall

      Jones lot is also an overflow lot when no other lot is available for parking (any decal color). Resident or commuter students are not allowed to park in marked spaces numbered 1-25, which are reserved for the MBTA parking contained within Jones Parking Lot. Unauthorized vehicles will be subject to immediate tow.

      Adams Parking lot (West Street) - YELLOW Rectangle Decal

      Senior resident student parking for the following locations:

      • Adams Hall
      • Bourret Hall
      • Horne Hall
      • Houston House
      • Mitchell House
      • Woodward Hall

      Commuter lot (Rt. 140) - TEAL Rectangle Decal

      Commuter student parking only Monday to Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to midnight.

      Clark House - PURPLE with WHITE LETTERS Decal

      Clark House residents may utilize the parking spaces provided there. These spaces are reserved for Clark House residents only and not their guests. Should these spaces be filled, overflow parking is in Jones lot only.

      33 Franklin Center Commons II - BLUE Circle Decal 

      Resident parking for approved students only. Approved students may park only in their designated space. Residents of 33 Franklin Commons II who do not have prior approval must park in Jones lot at all times. Unauthorized vehicle parking within the Franklin Commons II area may result in loss of parking privileges and/or immediate tow.

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      Motorcycle operators are required to adhere to all parking rules and regulations and are obligated to register their vehicle with Dean Campus Safety. A decal will be issued to operators registering their vehicles. It will be the responsibility of the motorcycle operator to maintain the vehicle decal where it can be easily accessed when requested by a Dean Campus Safety officer.

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      Dean College and/or Dean Campus Safety and any of their agents assume no responsibility for any damage or theft occurring while the vehicle is parked, towed or in storage on or off Dean College property.

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      Students, faculty, or staff violating Dean College Parking and Traffic Regulations will be fined. Individual fines range from $20 to $150

      DEFACEMENT OF PROPERTY - Any person found defacing, removing or attempting to remove or in the unlawful possession of Dean owned property (signage, barriers, equipment or other inventory) will be subject to a $150 fine.

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      Dean Campus Safety reserves the right to revoke or restrict the operating and/or parking privileges of any individual at any time for just cause relative to violations of any and all traffic regulations. Revocation or restrictions will be determined by Dean Campus Safety. Actions will be communicated in writing to the individual.

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      You have the right to an appeal hearing, if you so desire. To obtain an appeal form, you may go to Dean Campus Safety any time and request one. Your appeal form must be completed and returned no later than seven days from the date on your original ticket. After seven days, you will be considered delinquent and all fines will be payable. A written response addressing the appeal will be forwarded communicating, the outcome of the appeal. Should you wish to contest this verdict, a written request must be sent to Dean Campus Safety within three days of your appeal decision. The lack of knowledge of these rules and regulations and/or parking in violation for a short period of time will not be an acceptable reason for appealing a violation.

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      After the accumulation of two or more inches of snow, the Facilities Department begins snow removal procedures. Service roads and roadway paths are continuously plowed during the course of a snowstorm. Vehicles (whether registered or not) found parked or blocking snow removal efforts will be towed immediately at the owner’s expense.

      The Town of Franklin strictly enforces its winter parking policy which is in effect from November 15–April 1. All community members are encouraged to adhere to this policy and to seek appropriate guidance on street parking from the Franklin Police Department.

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      Dean Campus Safety will utilize towing as an element of traffic enforcement. Operators can avoid having their vehicles towed by adhering to the parking rules and regulations. The following violations subject your vehicle to towing:

      • Any vehicle improperly registered or insured (includes expired).
      • Vehicles parked in a handicapped parking space without the proper permits issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
      • Any vehicle parked overnight in Commuter lot, Dean Hall lot or any other area not designed for overnight parking, without authorization.
      • Vehicles that have received three or more violations.
      • Vehicles parked in areas designated as tow areas.
      • Vehicles abandoned on Dean College property (cost attributed to the last known owner).
      • Revoked parking privileges.
      • Interfering with snow removal.
      • Emergency situations when deemed necessary for the safety and well being of the community.

      Any towing, storage fees and charges are in addition to any fines imposed and are the sole responsibility of the owner or person in possession of the vehicle.


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