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    While scholarships, financial aid and student loans will significantly decrease the cost of attendance for most students, the reality is that college isn't free. That is why the Center for Student Financial Planning and Services is here to help you every step of the way.

    Paying Your BillAt Dean College, we have established a policy that all student bills must be paid in full or have a payment plan in place before a student starts class. The reason - we don't want any student to be saddled with a debt that he or she can't fulfill by attending class because, once you start going to classes at any college, you are then fully responsible for the bill.

    Financial Aid Tools

    Online Bill Payment

    Installment Plan Options
    For a $60 enrollment fee, payments may be made for the entire year on an interest-free, 10-month payment plan beginning July 1 and ending April 1. For information about how to enroll, please click the above link or call 800-463-6994.
    Student Health Insurance Waiver 
    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires that all full-time students have health insurance. All students are required to be enrolled under Dean College's policy if they are not covered under certain policies. Health Insurance can be waived online if the student's current plan qualifies.
    Additional Fees to Consider 
    Dean College provides educational opportunity to a wide variety of students with varying academic needs. In order to meet the needs of our students, the college has established a number of different programs designed to ensure academic success and help students achieve their academic potential. These programs are fee based and these fees will be added to your bill if you choose to enroll in one of these programs or if participation in a program is assigned by the Office of Admission as a condition of admission to the college.



    Arch Learning Community    


    Specialized programs of support for students with learning or physical disabilities including 3 hours per week of Personalized Learning Services (PLS).    




    Personalized Learning Services (PLS)    


    Provides one-on-one tutoring from professional learning/reading, writing, and/or math specialists. The program is designed to build fundamental learning, writing and math skills necessary for college success. PLS teaches students to independently apply skills to their current coursework. Charges for the PLS program are based on the level of service provided. Students may enroll for the semester for as little as one hour per week or for as much as five hours of assistance per week with a learning, writing or math specialist.    



    For more information on paying your bill or financial-related matters, please visit the Financial Aid section of our website.

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