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    Airport transportation for our students is scheduled through Kiessling Transit. The airport shuttle goes to TF Green Airport in Providence, RI and Logan International Airport in Boston. Students should use the QRydeAppor website( to book Kiessling Transit directly to the Amtrak station in Providence. There are certain heavy travel times (opening, winter recess, etc.) during each semester that Kiessling Transit will run shuttles to and from the airports for a fee of $20 each way. Book and pay for your shuttle ahead of time on the QRyde app or website (, all major credit cards are accepted and all bookings must be pre-paid, best of all you can invite your parents to pay! Gratuities are not required.  During all other times of the year, including any early arrivals for each semester, the private car service through Kiessling Transit is available.

    The dates and times for the shuttle can be found below. Students and their families are encouraged to make flight arrangements around these times.

    Whether it is the shuttle or a private car, all reservations must be made by 4pm the day before departure/arrival through the QRyde App or Website (

    Kiessling Transit Reservations

    Phone: 1-855-432-3315
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    Fall 2016

    Shuttle Service to TF Green or Logan:
    (from Dean College)

    October 7th: 9am, 1pm, 5pm
    November 22nd: 9am, 1pm, 5pm
    November 23th: 9am, 1pm
    December 13th-15th: 9am, 1pm, 5pm
    December 16th: 9am, 1pm

    Shuttle Service to Dean College:
    (from TF Green and Logan)

    September 5th: 9am-10am, 1pm-2pm, 5pm-6pm
    October 10th: 9am-10am, 1pm-2pm, 5pm-6pm
    November 27th: 9am-10am, 1pm-2pm, 5pm-6pm
    Note: The shuttle will stop at all terminals during each hour.

    Information about transportation for January opening and the rest of

    the Spring semester will be available by Thanksgiving.

    Shopping Shuttle

    Each week students can board the shopping shuttle to visit three local shopping plazas. These plazas offer grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, a movie theatre and more. The shuttle is a free service provided by Dean College for students only. Students will have to show their Dean College ID to board the shuttle. The pick-up and drop-off location at Dean College is between Dean Hall and the Ray Building. Shuttle schedules are updated each semester and students may find the most updated shuttle schedule on Today@Dean.

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