Use of Preferred Name 

Your legal/given first name is necessary for Dean to connect your application to other official academic records like your transcripts or FAFSA. If you provide a preferred name, such as a nickname, middle name, or another name you have chosen, we will use your preferred name in future communications including those to your parents.

If you’re concerned about someone other than Dean College seeing this name, you do not have to share it and we will only use your legal/given name in our correspondence to you and your family.

Please note your legal/given name will still be used on your admission decision letter since this is considered an official document.

You always have the ability to change your preferred/chosen name by contacting the Admissions Office or your admissions counselor at any time. If you legally change your name, please contact us and we are happy to update your legal name as well, with appropriate documentation.

If you have any questions about the use of your preferred name, please contact