Auditioning for Dance and Theatre Programs at Dean

Auditions at Dean College

On-Campus Auditions   Off-Campus Auditions

Thank you for considering the performing arts programs at Dean College! Admission to the Dance or Theatre programs is based on the review of the applicant's academic credentials through the Dean College Online Application for Admission as well as a by means of a required audition in person.

The Dean College audition days are designed to give applicants the opportunity to be evaluated in a comprehensive manner, while also getting more familiar with the Dean campus as well as some of our faculty, and to obtain more information regarding the admissions process, degree tracks, departmental policies and more.

Students applying to degree programs in Dance or Theatre are required to complete an audition so that the applicant's ability to succeed within the demanding performance curriculum may be assessed. Prospective students must complete their application for admission prior to participating in an audition. Based on their audition, students who are not accepted to a performing arts program may be admitted to Dean in another major and have the opportunity to re-audition during their freshman or sophomore year. 

Students applying to the Technical Theatre program must submit a portfolio and students applying to Theatre Studies program must provide a writing supplement outlining their theatre background. These may be submitted in lieu of an audition. Please contact Joe Zumbo to explore these options.

Dance and Theatre Audition Dates 

Please check back in late summer for additional information regarding the 2020-21 Auditions.

On-Campus Auditions

Additional information regarding the 2020-21 Auditions available late summer 2020.


Off-Campus Auditions

In previous years, faculty and staff have offered off-campus auditions at a variety of locations throughout the year. Please review the following list to see where past off-campus auditions have been held.

Additional information regarding the 2020-21 Auditions available late summer 2020.

Alternative Audition Options

We recognize that it may not be possible for all students to attend an on-campus audition.  While completion of the on-campus audition is an expectation for admission to Dean's programs, if this requirement, based on your distance from campus, imposes a hardship on you and your family, please contact us to discuss alternative options. 

Please contact Ashley Reed to explore alternative Dance options.

Please contact Joe Zumbo to explore alternative Theatre options.