If you missed one of our live webinars, or would like to view it again, you can access a number of webinar recordings below.

Admissions and Financial Aid

Whether you are just starting your college search, creating your first application, reviewing your financial aid package, or submitting a deposit, we have sessions for you at every stage of the admission process. 

Learn some best practices from our Admissions Team to make your application stand out - in a good way!

Grades: check. Essay: check. Extracurriculars: Check. You know the basic information that goes into a college application, but how do you get started, and where should you spend most of your time? Hear from our expert admissions team who will provide an overview of the process and share some insider tips for crafting a great college application, including the Common Application.

Paying for college is one of the biggest concerns for families, but we can help.

This webinar will give you all the tips you need to make sure you maximize your opportunities for financial assistance and understand all of the different types of funding available to pay for college, how to apply for financial aid, and understanding college costs. Join Iris Godes, Dean of Admissions at Dean College, as she breaks down her best tips for paying for college.

Applying to college as a student athlete means navigating the admissions process with both the Admissions Office and the coaching and athletic staff.

Join the Dean College Director of Athletics, members of the admissions and coaching staffs, and current Dean student athletes to learn more about applying to college as a Student Athlete including a breakdown of the recruiting process.


Performing Arts

Learn more about the exceptional teaching, extensive student support, and countless opportunities to grow into the artist you want to become with Dean's Performing Arts programs.

Explore all of our Dance and Theatre concentrations while our Recruitment Coordinators outline the Performing Arts opportunities available at Dean College.

Ashley Reed, Recruitment Coordinator for the Joan Phelps Palladino School of Dance, and Joe Zumbo, Recruitment Coordinator for the School of the Arts, present an overview of Dean College's Dance, Theatre, and Arts and Entertainment Management programs. They share information about courses, performance opportunities, and application and audition tips.

Hear from the Joan Phelps Palladino School of Dance Faculty at Dean College as they outline what to expect coming into Dean as a dance major.

Are you interested in pulling back the curtain to see what the Dance program at Dean College is really like? Join representatives from admissions, the dance faculty, as well as the Dean of the School of Dance to learn more about our professors, classes, performance opportunities, and so much more.

Discover Dean Webinars

Whether it's learning about Residence Life, meeting our current students, or discovering our learning support services, these webinars provide more insight into life at Dean College.

Join Dean's Director of Residence Life, Matt Lechter, and Dean alumnus and Residence Hall Director, Morgan Coleman, for an overview of residence life at Dean.

Interested in learning more about housing and dining at Dean? Join us live and connect with current students, our Director of Residence Life, Matt Lechter, and Dean alumnus and Residence Hall Director, Morgan Coleman, for an overview of residence life at Dean.

We're ready to answer all of your questions about living on campus as you prepare to make your transition to college!

Watch along to learn about the different support services and programs available at Dean College.

Designed for students with learning differences and their families, this webinar will aid you with your college search, the application process at Dean College, and the transition to college.

In what ways do colleges want to connect with prospective students, and how can you best represent your interest to colleges on your college lists?

You’ve made your lists and started researching colleges that interest you, but how do you connect with the colleges on your list in meaningful ways now and in the future? Even in the best of times campus visits are just a day, and right now in-person opportunities may be limited. Join us for a discussion of how to build connections in ways that matter and what you should be focusing on during your college search.