Campus Safety

  • Contact Campus Safety - 508-541-1888, or ext. 1888 (on campus)
    Emergency Number: 508-528-9888
    Anonymous Tip Line: 508-541-1704, or ext. 1704 (on campus)

    The mission of Campus Safety is to keep the campus safe and secure. Campus Safety provides a comprehensive program of safety, security, crime prevention, fire safety, medical emergency assistance, property management, parking and related services to help ensure the College maintains a safe and secure environment. We feel campus safety is a part of the educational process and encourage students to make responsible decisions. We welcome suggestions that will enhance our services. 

    Dean College partners with TeamOps,LLC  to operate its Campus Safety Department, and the College’s Law Enforcement Services Unit as the framework to its safety endeavors.  The Campus Safety Department communicates, cooperates, and collaborates with Dean College’s Law Enforcement Services Unit to ensure the continued safety of our students, staff and faculty.  Campus Safety Officers are authorized to enforce college rules and regulations and to assist the College’s Law Enforcement Unit to serve and protect the Dean community. The college community is encouraged to report crimes and suspicious activity promptly to the Campus Safety Department at 508-541-1888, or Ext 1888, or by e-mail at  


    Campus Safety is tasked with providing the following services:

    • Maintaining a safe and secure campus
    • Crime prevention activities
    • Fire safety education and prevention
    • Campus evacuation education and procedures
    • Drugs and alcohol regulations and monitoring
    • Assisting students, faculty and staff on campus matters
    • Parking services

    For a written copy of Dean College’s Annual Security Report and Fire Safety Report, please call (508) 541-1888.

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