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  • 5 Tips for a Success Fall Semester

    Fall at Dean

    Fall semester always seems like it sneaks up on you. You’ve been enjoying your summer, working, laying on the beach, or even hanging out by the pool. Sometimes it is hard to transition back over to the school schedule. Here are a few tips to make your fall semester go as smooth as possible! 

    1. Make sure you have all your supplies before the class - It’s extremely important that you are prepared for class. Make sure you have all of the materials ready before the course even begins. You can find what textbooks are required when you sign on to your Today@Dean account and click on your schedule. Pro Tip: When buying math books, make sure you buy new ones because you need a code in the back to sign into an online website to do your homework. If you buy a used math book, that code might be expired or already used.  
    1. Stay on top of your work - Don’t fall too far behind. It’s easy to put some of your work aside but it always builds up and makes everything much more difficult. When you are assigned work, just get it over with. You won’t regret getting it done and then you will have more free time later to socialize and have fun. 
    1. Make time for yourself - This is crucial to being a successful student. All work and no play would drive anyone crazy. Make sure you take some time to relax and recoup. Just taking time for yourself will make you more successful in everything. 
    1. Sleep! - It’s no longer “cool” to be the person who stays up late. Getting a good night of sleep can make all the difference for the next day. You will be more focused in class, feel more energized, and your stress levels can go down just from sleeping. 
    1. Time management - Get yourself a planner and take advantage of your phone's calendar. Make sure you are making time to get everything done. That means class, homework, eating, sleeping, exercising and relaxing. Make sure you have time to do everything you need to do. 

    While doing these 5 things, you are bound to have a successful first semester. Work hard and make sure you are setting yourself up for success. Remember to have fun and get some sleep! Good Luck!

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    Author: Pat Budris

    Pat Budris Intern Headshot

    About Pat: Pat is a senior arts and entertainment management major at Dean College. He grew up on a small farm in Watertown, CT before coming to Franklin, MA to start his college career. He is a dedicated musician and is pursuing a career in the music business. This summer Pat is the intern for the Marketing Department as well as the Orientation Chair for New Student Orientation. Pat is learning how to market and manage through social media and other outlets.

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