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  • National Book Lovers Day: 5 of the Best Places to Read On Campus

    National Book Lovers Day

    Today is National Book Lover Day so we wanted to take some time to mention a few places around campus where you can relax and read your favorite books. 

    1. The back room of the library - Some of you may be thinking that this is too obvious. Of course, you would go to the library to read. Hidden in the back of the library in the room behind the front desk with all the books there are little nooks with chairs that are a great place to read quietly. Not only is it a nice place to read, but there is also a plethora of books surrounding you to choose from!

    2. The Franklin Common - Looking for a place to read outside? Just take a quick five-minute stroll over to the Franklin Common to enjoy reading underneath a shady tree or in the gazebo. This small green in the perfect place to lay out a blanket and read your book. 

    3. The Commuter Lounge - This room is for commuters only. If you’re a commuter and are looking to read a book on campus, I would recommend doing it here. It’s located right in the campus center atrium and is fully loaded with coffee and couches. Get a nice cup of coffee going while you lounge on one of the couches and start the next chapter. 

    4. Franklin Public Library - Located adjacent to Woodward Hall, the Franklin Public Library is a spectacular place to get some quiet time to read. The building is the first public library in the United States and is riddled with history. Not only is it a nice place to read, but the entire inside has beautiful architecture and murals to look at. This is truly an incredible place to spend some time. 

    5. Beaver Pond - How could you not enjoy reading on the beach? Just down the road is Beaver Pond which offers a beach and a pond to swim in. It’s a great place to have your feet in the sand while enjoying your favorite stories. 

    These are only of few of the great places to read on and around campus. It’s always great to find your own place to relax and read. Hopefully when you arrive on campus you will check out these places and take advantage of them. No matter where you’re reading, make sure celebrate National Book Lovers Day!

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