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  • President of Pawtucket Red Sox Visits Dean College

    Charles Steinberg 2017

    On Friday, January 13, 2017, Dean welcomed Charles Steinberg to speak to students participating in the Entertainment Industry Management winter intersession class.

    A long-time fan of the sport, Steinberg found his start in baseball working with the Baltimore Orioles through a volunteer program with his high school. Due to his hard work, he was asked to continue working with the team through the summer, even after the program was over. He agreed, as this was a chance of a lifetime, but he knew he would be leaving for college in the fall to pursue a career in dentistry. “I was seventeen never knowing that you could take an astronomers voyage to reach the stars,” said Steinberg, reflecting on how he never thought he could make a career in baseball.

    The Orioles asked Steinberg to come back summer after summer until eventually he was asked to sign on full-time. Although Steinberg graduated with a Doctorate in Dentistry, he decided to accept the offer with the Orioles and continued working with them for a few more years.

    Eventually, Steinberg moved on to work with the San Diego Padres, then the Boston Red Sox, followed by the Los Angeles Dodgers. He came back to the Boston Red Sox in 2012 to help improve the franchise before moving to his current position as President of the Pawtucket Red Sox. 

    Steinberg stressed to students the importance of four characteristics he possesses that got him to where he is today in his career:

    1.Integrity: "If you aren’t honest, then what good would it be for a company to invest in you."

    2.Intelligence: "This does not mean you have to be a genius, but you need to have the common sense and be able to learn the job."

    3.Work Ethic: "You need to be willing to work your tail off. When you’re at work, be working, and when you’re working, be able to produce."

    4.Collaborative Spirit: "If you can’t work with other people that is your problem. You need to be able to collaborate with others and be a part of a team." 

    When asked about his best moment in sports, Steinberg announced that his best moment is also the most important moment of his career thus far. In April of 2013, while working for the Boston Red Sox, Steinberg was assigned the task of planning the ceremony for the first Boston Red Sox game that would take place since the Boston Marathon bombing. He struggled with converting the heaviness of the ceremony to the cheerfulness of a baseball game until he eventually thought of the idea to have one of Boston’s most loved players, David Ortiz, give a speech. Steinberg scripted a few lines for Ortiz, but also gave him room for some personal creativity. After watching this speech live, Steinberg expressed that for him there is nothing more important than this ceremony to date.

    Steinberg ended the presentation reassuring students that this is the time for them to dream. “Every single person has talent and every single person is good at something. If you can discover what you’re good at and find the intersection of the two, that is your genius.” 

    The Center for Business, Entertainment and Sport Management (The Center) at Dean College allows students to gain access to industry speakers through partnerships with teams like the Pawtucket Red Sox. Visit The Center website for more information on our partnerships and upcoming presentations.

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