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  • The Intern Corner: 5 Tips to Make Move-In Easy

    Tips for Move In

    The Intern Corner features blog posts with helpful advice from our current marketing intern on campus!

    You always hear horror stories of packing and moving, but it does not have to be that way. With being conscious about what you are doing and what you need to bring, moving into college can be a breeze! Make sure you know what you are bringing, how you’re going to pack the car, and know how you’re bringing it in and move in will be a success!

    1. Pack light - You’re moving into a dorm room, everything you own is not going to fit. Pack only the essentials. If getting home isn’t too hard, try to only pack things for that season. You don’t need all of your winter things if it is still 75 degrees out. With that being said, if you are from far away, try to pack things you definitely will need and use. You don’t need 30 t-shirts. Minimal is best!

    2. Make sure everything fits in a box - Packing and moving will be easy if everything fits in a box. Loose items are hard to carry and make the whole process take a bit longer. Of course, not everything can fit into boxes, but trying your best to get as much as possible in them is ideal.

    3. Think before you pack the car - When packing the car to head up to college, think about how you are going to bring your things into your room and if certain things need to go in before others. If you need to bring it into your dorm first, pack it last. This will make move-in go much smoother than searching and digging for boxes in the car.

    4. Make sure everything is easy to carry - This is both for you, your family, and our move-in crew. You don’t want to make things too heavy or hard to handle. Making sure anyone can help will be super helpful when it comes time to move in. It also helps make sure none of your things are dropped. 

    5. Utilize the move-in crew - We have students outside of each residence hall during move-in to help you bring things from your car to your room. I highly recommend using them because having as many hands on the project will help it move much faster. They are there to help!

    For more information about move-in day, click here!

    Author: Pat Budris

    Pat Budris Intern Headshot

    About Pat: Pat is a senior arts and entertainment management major at Dean College. He grew up on a small farm in Watertown, CT before coming to Franklin, MA to start his college career. He is a dedicated musician and is pursuing a career in the music business. This summer Pat is the intern for the Marketing Department as well as the Orientation Chair for New Student Orientation. Pat is learning how to market and manage through social media and other outlets.

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