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      Iris Godes, 508-541-1508

      Iris has served as Dean of Admissions at Dean College since 2014, overseeing student recruitment, application review and the office operations. As an enrollment professional in higher education for 25 years, Iris has worked for community colleges, public state universities, and private institutions. However, she sees Dean as distinctly different.

      Iris Godes"Dean College is the ideal choice for those that want to invest in themselves. The amount of student support and attention is unmatched. The administration, faculty and staff know each student personally and are all committed to their achievement. Regardless of where you are both academically and personally when you begin at Dean, your options are unlimited to transform yourself by the time you graduate."

      Iris's biggest piece of advice to prospective students is to visit campus. "Whether you are new to the college process or considering transferring, I encourage you to come for a visit. Our campus is absolutely beautiful and you will feel welcome just walking around it. Once you start talking to people you will immediately understand the special place that this is and learn that there are people here who care about you from the minute we meet you."

      When not on campus, Iris enjoys spending time with her family including two daughters who are a great source of pride. One is a recent college graduate who is just starting out blazing her own trail and another who is just starting college. "For the parents reading this putting their first child through college, I can promise you, it gets easier very soon! Call me and I’ll talk you through it."

      Iris holds a M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology from Boston University and a B.S. in Psychology from Syracuse University. She has served on local, regional and national boards and is past-president of the Massachusetts Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (MASFAA). Additionally, she has presented at numerous conferences both locally and nationally and has served as a volunteer counselor at Framingham High School, assisting students and families with the college application and financial aid process. 

      Getting to Know Iris

      Favorite Course Ever Taken
      Social Psychology, if I have to pick just one.

      Who was your Academic Mentor?
      The greatest influence in my academic life was my father who instilled in me to always do the absolute best I could and never settle for anything but “excellent.”

      Favorite Pastime
      Seeing a great movie, Sudoku, Baking.

      What's on your bucket list?
      Tennis at Wimbledon to see the Championships in person.

      What does the Dean Difference mean to you?
      It is the reason I am here at Dean. It means that you will get a college experience like no other surrounded by people whose primary goal is your success, not just as a student, but also as a person.

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      Edward Connor, 508-541-1508

      Territory: Massachusetts (Worcester County)

      Ed serves as the Director of Admissions at Dean College.

      Ed Connor
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      Arielle Morton

      Territory: New Hampshire, New York (Downstate Counties and Long Island) and Rhode Island

      Arielle Spent four years at the University of Rhode Island and received her BA in Communications in 2013.

                                                                    Arielle Headshot 2016

      Arielle joins the Dean Admissions team after recently graduating with her Masters in School Counseling from Manhattan College.

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      Ashley Reed

      Territory: Dance Students; Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts

      Ashley ReedAn Alumni of Dean, Ashley graduated with his B.A. in Arts and Entertainment Management and now serves as an Admissions Counselor. Ashley joined the Admissions staff just after the end of 2017-2018 academic school year. 

      During her time at Dean, Ashley was heavily involved on campus including being a Community Advisor, Orientation leader and Orientation Co-Chair, along with taking part in several theatrical productions both on campus and within the Boston area.

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      Christy Parlon

      Territory: Alaska, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina and Washington

      Christy spent four wonderful years at Dean before joining the staff after graduation. A talented dancer, she works with students interested in the College's performance-based programs and is the Coordinator, Admissions Information Systems.

      As a Dance major at Dean, Christy performed in several college productions, her favorites being Dance Company and Cabaret. She was also active in campus life, serving as president of the Residence Hall Association.

      "My time at Dean was fabulous and I never tire from showing off our beautiful campus and facilities," Christy says. She enjoys being a part of the admissions team and looks forward to student auditions, hoping to see the next star before they make it big.

                                                                 Christy Spring 17


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      Larry Thode

      Territory: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts (Western) & New York (Upstate Counties)

      Larry came to Dean College in 1983 and is currently the Senior Assistant Director of Admissions. He also teaches history and has served as an advisor and tutor in the College's academic support program.

                                                      Larry Fall 17

      "I feel that my teaching duties allow me to see the academic side of student life in ways that other administrators don't because of their positions and responsibilities. This allows me to gain other perspectives on what works and what needs to be enhanced as we look at ways to improve the student experience here at Dean." 

      Larry has seen a parade of associate degree alumni transfer on to four-year colleges, both inside and outside New England. These options were not available to them before earning their Dean degree, boosting their grades and finding an academic focus.

      "It has been very rewarding to see these students come back and visit campus and tell us of those positive experiences that Dean helped provide."

      Larry lives nearby with his wife Susan and often spends time on weekends visiting the grandchildren. He ran cross country and track in high school and college and still runs local road races. In 2009, he won his age group in the 1500 meter run in the Massachusetts Senior Olympics. 

      Larry holds a B.S. and an M.Ed. degree from Springfield College as well as M.Ed.'s in Special Education (UMass-Boston) and History (Framingham State University).


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      Myra Traylor

      Territory: All US Territories, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Texas, Virginia, Washinton DC and All International Areas

      Myra serves as an Associate Director of Admissions at Dean College.

      Myra Traylor
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      Joe Zumbo

      : Theatre Students; Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

      Joe joined the Admissions staff just after the start of 2014-2015 academic school year. 

      An Alumni of Dean, Joe graduated with his B.A. in Theatre and now serves as an Admissions Counselor and the Recruitment Coordinator for the School of the Arts.  

                                              Joe 2016

      During his time at Dean, Joe was heavily involved on campus including being a Community Advisor, Orientation leader and Orientation Co-Chair, along with taking part in several theatrical productions both on campus and within the Boston area. 

      Joe enjoys sharing his experiences and stories with prospective students and ensuring them with the many opportunities for students to be successful inside and outside the classroom here at Dean.


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      Maureen Griffin

      Click here to email Maureen
      Office Phone: (508) 541-1508

      Maureen has been a member of the Admissions Office at Dean since late fall of 2009. You will find her in the increasingly busy reception area, greeting visitors and answering telephone inquiries to schedule tours, arrange admission interviews, and provide information about Dean College and the admissions process. 

      Maureen Griffin

      Contact Maureen: 

      Having guided her own two children through what seemed like countless college tours, she can identify with the families visiting our campus and looking for the best possible fit.

      “It is a pleasure to assist our applicant families as they are introduced to all that Dean College has to offer — from our baccalaureate degree programs to our renowned academic support services. I know that Dean may be one of many visits a family is making during the search process and we do our best to represent The Dean Difference. Visitors are impressed by the level of attention they receive during their visit to our campus — a preview of what Dean students experience each day.” 

      Maureen holds a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Massachusetts and an M.A. from Simmons College. Prior to joining Dean, Maureen had a successful career in the financial services industry and was also employed in elementary education. A Franklin resident since 1985, she is a great resource for families wanting to learn more about the area and its amenities.

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