Have you ever wondered about the history that lies on the Dean College campus? In the coming weeks, we will be sharing interesting facts about the history that set the foundation for Dean College today. 

Dean is a historic college in New England, which is why we hear many ‘haunted’ tales. Read on for 5 haunted historical Dean College stories. 

  1. The Ray House is the home of the Legend of The Mirror.  A strange occurrence was the large heavy mirror from the ‘Great Room’ that leapt off its hooks and slid down the wall in the house without breaking or being damaged. What’s the importance? Mirrors are said to be entrances to the spirit world... 
  2. A spirit walks the halls of the library. Until the 1960s there was a Universalist Church on the site of our campus library. Staff and students have stories about a spirit that haunts the back hall of the first floor of the library who was one of the caretakers of the church in the 1960’s. Unfortunately, the church did not keep record of the caretakers of the church, as they were volunteers from the community. 
  3. Dr. Oliver Dean created a portal to visit his lost love. Our founder, Dr. Dean, had floor-to-ceiling French mirrors installed in his house, which was thought to be used to channel Delia, his love. Dr. Dean requested in his will that the mirrors and a trunk of his and hers clothing would remain in the house. They are still there today. 
  4. Memorial Hall was home to an infirmary. In the 1920s there was a scarlet fever epidemic and the top floor was used as an infirmary. No reported deaths were made, however the residents of the building report feelings of being watched. 
  5. Dean Hall’s 5th Floor is the most-often cited place for the paranormal. This is the most famous legend! Many students who have lived on the 4th floor talk about “close encounters” and sounds from above. So, the question is... Is there a ghost of Dean Hall? Awpie Peirce, the headmaster from 1897-1934 did pass away in his office in Dean Hall. He had a heart attack in December 1934 and rather than move him, doctors recommended he be allowed to stay there and expire. So, could it be his ghost?

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Historic facts provided by Alex Feuz ˈ22 with guidance from Dean College Professor of History, Dr. Rob Lawson. 

About Alex: Alex is a sophomore Sports Broadcasting major with a passion for the history of Dean College. He is looking forward to sharing stories of Dean that will last a lifetime.