A group of Dean College students huddle around a cell phone to take a selfie together in front of Dean Hall on the Dean College campus.

Feeling the winter blues? Make a difference in someone’s day and brighten your own with a special act. Random Act of Kindness Week at Dean College begins on February 10. It’s a celebration of kindness where you can have fun being a little extra kind to your fellow classmates. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas you can use right on campus.

  1. Make a new friend: Notice someone sitting alone? Ask if you can join them! You might just make a great friend. This works in other gathering areas as well, like the Campus Center.
  2. Pay it forward coffee: This is a popular one at local coffee drive-throughs, but you can also do this on campus. Is someone in line behind you at the Bulldog Beanery getting a coffee? Put theirs on your tab. The idea is that this random act of kindness will continue down the line.
  3. Share an invite: Is there someone if your dorm that doesn’t seem to participate much in activities? If you’re headed to a sporting event or to do some off-campus shopping, ask them if they’d like to join! They might just be waiting for the right invitation.
  4. Give a Compliment: Everyone loves a compliment! Make a game of it and see if you can say one nice thing to someone you don’t know each day of the week.
  5. Mail a Letter Home: Do you have an older relative or family friend who loves to get mail? Sit down and write them an old-fashioned letter! Maybe you have a long overdue thank you note you need to send to a grandparent. Write to them and let them know all about your life on campus. It may seem like with social media everyone is connected, but a letter is a fun and more personal way to stay in touch, especially with older generations.

For more ideas, check out Random Acts of Kindness, the official site for the event week. Also, to learn more about life on campus, visit Student Life.