A Massachusetts college that's a good transfer option for out-of-state students

If you’re located outside of Massachusetts and are considering transferring to a college within the state, there are some things that you’ll need to do beforehand. After all, choosing to go to a school in a different state requires some forethought and planning. Before you make a final decision, make sure to check out and follow, if necessary, these helpful tips for a smooth transition.

Visit the Area and the Campus Before Deciding

The first thing that you should do, after narrowing down the list of schools that you’re interested in, is visit them. The school’s official website, student social media, and any other information and photos that you find really won’t give you an idea of the area and the feel of the campus. Before you choose to move forward, take some time to see the schools and the cities that they’re in and near. You can choose to contact the school and set up an official visit, or just stop by.

Check with the Admissions Officers at Your Current School and Your Future Ones

Another good idea, before transferring to a Massachusetts college, involves checking in with the admissions officers for both your current school and the ones that you’re considering transferring to. You need to see which courses will transfer, which ones you’ll need to retake, and which ones you’ll have to enroll in to receive your degree. Some pre-planning is always good because you don’t want to be caught unaware upon enrolling in your chosen school.

Ask About Articulation Agreements

Some schools have articulation agreements with each other. These are agreements that state outright which courses are transferrable and which ones aren’t. If an agreement like this is in place, the new school needs to abide by it and accept certain courses, if not all of them, from your transcript. However, even if there isn’t an articulation agreement, you may not have an issue with your courses transferring.

Discuss Your Financial Aid Options

On top of looking into which classes transfer over, you also need to consider financial aid. This is particularly important if you’re going from a state school to a private college, where the price difference is evident. Speak with a financial aid officer from your new school to see which materials you’ll need to submit and find out what your financial options are.

Prepare Your Application Materials Wisely

Finally, you’ll need to gather up your application materials. You’ll need transcripts from your previous schools, any SAT or ACT scores, as well as letters of recommendation from your professors. All of this is often required on top of the official application required by the school. Start putting your application package together as soon as you’ve made a decision.

Looking for a College in Massachusetts?

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