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Some people seem destined for the stage. Others prefer to be backstage, building sets and setting up the lighting. If you’re a high school student who is considering getting a college degree in theatre, there are some things that you’re probably wondering. One of the top questions is “are theatre degrees really worth it?”

Although not everyone who majors in theatre ends up in Hollywood or on Broadway, many find that the degree program teaches them other important skills.

Learn Important Job Skills

Some skills learned on the stage can translate into the office world. Things like public speaking and presenting both are honed through acting, where you need to speak clearly and loudly while in character. This type of practice also takes care of any stage fright or fear of public speaking that you might face when having to stand in front of a room full of your fellow employees or managers. In addition, other skills taught on the stage include critical thinking, as well as working with others.

Technical Theatre Training Leads to Jobs

Not everyone who majors in theatre wants to end up on the stage. Some prefer to be doing the creative work backstage, spending their time building sets and putting together musical scores for the dramas. Other backstage skills include costume design, lighting, directing and more. Finding a program that allows you to either major in production and design, like the one offered by Dean College, or provides you with plenty of offstage opportunities will help you gain these very employable skills.

Benefits of Auditioning

If you think about it, auditioning and interviewing have a lot of things in common. Both involve being asked questions by people determining whether or not to give you a job. In either situation, you are the one in the spotlight, having to answer or perform your best in order to get the job. Essentially, even though auditioning involves playing a fictional character and interviewing means that you’re being yourself, both are very similar, and one is great practice for the other.

Hone Your Creativity

Creative people tend to get far in life. Whether they have creative jobs, like those in theatre, or end up using their skills to design social media posts or slide decks for a business, these skills are inherently useful. Majoring in theatre opens you up to your creative side, which can emerge in a number of different ways. Simply being around creative people can help you figure out which forms of art you’re good at, allowing you to use those skills to get non-theatre jobs later on.

Consider Getting a Theatre Degree from Dean College

If you’re thinking about getting a theatre degree, consider one of our programs. With several different tracks to choose from, including musical theatre and production and design, you’ll quickly realize why a degree in the subject is worth it, even if you have no desire to end up in front of an audience or a camera.