A group of Dean College dancers on stage during a performance

The Arts Mosaic, an annual Dean College performance featuring student and faculty works that incorporate elements such as dance, theatre, music and film. We spoke to Bailey P. ‘21, a Dance major, about her role as choreographer.

Q: For someone experiencing Arts Mosaic for the first time, can you give an overview of the program?

A: Arts Mosaic is one of my favorite shows of the year. This show uses many elements of art including dance, music, singing, acting, visual arts and set design to create a truly unique and different show. What is fascinating about the design of the show this year is that the stage and audience is reversed — meaning the stage is set on the floor of the Guidrey Center and the audience's seats are on risers and on the stage. The audience essentially encircles three fourths of the stage giving them a much more immersive and intimate experience than would be typical. It is truly a unique show and I encourage everyone to attend. 

Q: What has the role of choreographer involved for you?

A: My role as choreographer has been both fun and challenging. My cast was wonderful to work with and offered a lot of feedback and ideas. Because of the setup of the stage, it was a different choreographic experience than I had ever dealt with before. I had to take the audience's location into consideration. I wanted to use that to my advantage and make this piece different than if it were just on a regular stage.

Q: What are you most excited for the audience to see?

A: I have decided to use a door as a prop in my piece to add significance to the overall message of the performance. I am excited to see how the audience reacts. Because of the setup of the stage, and depending on where each audience member, the story will unfold in a different way. 

Arts Mosaic will perform Friday, November 8th and Saturday, November 9th at 8:00 p.m. in the Guidrey Center, located in the Campus Center of Dean College, 109 West Central Street, Franklin.

Visit the Dean College Box Office to purchase tickets for upcoming shows.