A Human Resources Professional interviewing an employee

Oftentimes, people who work in human resources see it as a bit of a calling. It takes a certain mindset in order to spend time preparing all of the tedious paperwork, handle things like payroll and time-off requests, and put policies into place that benefit both the employees and their company. Of course, these are just a few examples of the many things that you’ll be responsible for once you become a human resources professional. There's a lot more involved as well, such as hiring and firing employees, putting together employment ads, and even overseeing the training department to make sure that they are following the right protocols when new employees are hired. With so many different things involved, it's no wonder that many HR pros have a specialty degree or certificate(s) in this unique field.

What You Need to Know to Work in HR

People who choose to become human resources professionals often have superior people skills. They're good at working with others and enjoy doing things like interviewing prospective employees. While skills like these, including being very organized, multi-tasking, and even deescalating tense situations, are critical to your success as an HR professional, they’re just the beginning.

HR Requires Many Different Types of Skills

Working in human resources requires a vast amount of knowledge. You need to have a basic understanding of business policies, finances, and business communication, as well as things that are specific to the line of work, like how to create a diverse workforce, labor laws, and even organizational behavior. HR pros have a solid understanding of all these things and more, as they are crucial for the job at hand. This is why a degree in Human Resources Management can be so beneficial.

Enrolling in a Degree Program

People who don't have a background in business but want to work in human resources will benefit from a Bachelor's degree in the subject. The program at Dean College, a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Human Resource Management, is designed to teach you all of the basics you’ll need for your new career path and then some. You'll learn about the subjects mentioned above in-depth and will need to complete some general education courses, which will help enhance your math, science, and communication skills. You will emerge as a well-rounded human resource professional, who is well prepared for a career in the HR industry. 

A Certificate in HR May Be Enough

If you already have some business experience, then a college certificate in HR might be just what you need to advance in the field. Human Resources Certificate programs, like the one offered here at Dean through our School of Continuing Studies, are focused solely on the courses that you need to enhance your human resources knowledge. This means that you can earn that certificate in a year or less, as you won't have to take any general education courses, just the business-specific ones that will help you learn more about working in HR.

If you’re looking to expand your HR knowledge, Dean College can help you do just that! Whether you choose a full-scale degree or an HR certificate, your knowledge will grow exponentially, and you’ll be on your way to becoming an HR professional.

Ready to jumpstart your career in human resources? Take the first step, today!