Dean College biology major completing a summer internship.

In the Biology program at Dean College, students gain hands-on experience in the lab – as well as in the real world. They also have the flexibility to pursue the topics and career paths that interest them the most. One Biology major, Ethan Moeller ’24, is working as an aquaculture intern at the Barnstable Clean Water Coalition this summer.

At the Barnstable Clean Water Coalition, Ethan is getting a real-world look at both water preservation and what it’s like to work for a nonprofit organization. He was able to maximize the opportunities available from being part of a small environment both at Dean and in the Biology program, and was even able to relate some of his coursework towards aquaculture in preparation for this internship.

As an intern, every day is different for Ethan – but no matter what he’s doing, he is getting plenty of hands-on experience.

“Some days, I’ll be in Hyannis Harbor showing the public how oysters clean the water, and other days I can spend all day on a boat around Dead Neck Island,” he said. “I am responsible for maintaining our oyster upweller, grading oysters and educating the public on how we are working towards cleaner water. I also partake in other programs such as invasive species identification, local pond water quality monitoring and biodiversity identification surveys.”

Ethan’s internship is helping him explore his options and figure out what he wants to do for his future career.

“This internship has new avenues of what I can do with a general Biology degree,” Ethan explained. “At Barnstable Clean Water Coalition, we work with other government organizations as well as other nonprofits, giving me a chance to make multiple connections that can eventually help my career.”

At Dean College, 100% of students complete an internship – and quite a few of them are participating in internships this summer. Learn more about internship opportunities and Biology at Dean.