A sport management professional pointing out to a field on a sunny day

Is your teenager considering a career in sport management? If so, then a sport-management pre-college program may just be the thing that they need to get a taste of not only college life but also their future career. Taking place over the summer, these programs are designed for high school students who want to learn more about a field that interests them, as well as have the experience of a lifetime. Combining college courses with entertainment and a little splash of dorm life, a pre-college program may be just what your teen needs to get a little glimpse into their future!

Look into Program Options

The first step in finding a good summer program aimed at high school students is to look for those that offer experiences in subjects that your teen is interested in. For example, if your student wants to work in sport management, then you need to find a program with that particular concentration. Some schools, like Dean College, offer pre-college programs on that topic that include lectures from experts in the field, the possibility of earning college credit, and even instructions in how to negotiate and make a client sales pitch.

Balancing Summer Activities

The best thing about many sport-management pre-college programs is that they don’t take up the entire summer. This allows students to still get a summer job and spend time making some money (ostensibly for college) while at the same time, taking a few weeks off to attend a pre-college program. Even students who don’t plan to work through the summer and have other plans for their time, such as attending other summer programs, traveling abroad, or doing volunteer work, can still enjoy one of these two-week programs.

Find Reputable Colleges

A reputable college is a must. You want to send your teenagers off to someplace that you trust. Plus, the best colleges have the ability to pull in even more experts to teach the students what they need to know about the topic. This helps, since students get a real taste of college life, complete with lectures, coursework, (including a capstone project), and having the option to earn college credits. It goes without saying that only reputable and accredited schools will offer the amenities, access, and options your student needs. When looking into these programs for your teen, spend some time asking questions to ensure that your students will be in good hands throughout the program.

Examine the Extra Features

In addition to attending courses and spending time learning critical skills, like how to perfect your sales pitch, many pre-college programs also include a number of fun activities. For example, those attending our program will get to go behind the scenes at several different professional sports stadiums and attend professional sporting events (including the New England Patriots summer camp). These options make everything more fun and allow for plenty of bonding time amongst the students. The little extras can make all the difference!