What does it take to earn a living in the exciting world of sports broadcasting? Short of sounding like an infomercial, students really will get the chance to explore the answer to that question when they attend a sports broadcasting summer program. Since broadcasting is more than just hosting a show or asking the players on the field a few choice questions, the best way for interested high school students to learn more about working in the field is to attend a pre-college program at an accredited college. This gives them a chance to truly learn the ins and outs of the job while having fun at the same time. But how do you select the program that’s best for your student? Here are a few tips on us to help you in your search.

What Does the Program Offer?

A pre-college program is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a multi-week program offered by a college or university that provides high school students with a crash course (so to speak) in a career field that they are interested in. They also have a chance to learn about college life, as many choose to live in dorms and eat in the school cafeteria during their program. At Dean College, where the pre-college sports broadcasting program lasts for two weeks, students get to live in a dorm (or commute, based on their location) and bond with their fellow students while learning about their possible future career path. They really get an exciting taste of college life.

Learning About a Career Field

As we mentioned previously, sports broadcasting is more than just looking nice on camera and asking a few choice questions. Instead, those in the field need to know how to do play-by-play announcements during a game, describing the on-field action over the radio to those who can’t see it. During our sports broadcasting summer program, students get to do just that. They also get to do on-camera interviews and put together a potential reel, or package, that shows potential employers what they are capable of, which is great because this is how it’s really done in the field!

On top of spending time in a broadcast booth, participants also attend lectures given by experts in the field and get to experience a professional sporting event or two. The experience that they receive really provides them with a taste of what working in the field is like, and it even gives them the chance to earn college credit for completing the program.

Getting the Full College Experience

Of course, the sports broadcasting summer program isn’t just two weeks’ worth of work. There’s also some fun involved! It’s important to look for a program that offers some entertainment, as well as work, so your student gets the full college experience. Students in the Dean College program are invited to do fun things like going to 5 Wits, shopping at Patriot Place, heading out for ice cream, and even attending few professional sporting events. The options for bonding with their like-minded peers are endless. It’s the best of both worlds – they’ll learn more about their possible career path and have fun at the same time!