Exercise science majors practicing in the exercise science lab as part of their physical therapy continuing education

Physical therapists, like other medical professionals, need to complete a certain number of continuing education courses per year. These courses are designed to not only keep physical therapists’ skills sharp but also teach them new skills and techniques that will help them do their jobs better. When it comes to choosing when and where to attend courses for these continuing education classes, it helps to pick a school like Dean College, which has plenty of evening and weekend options for students who still need to work their day jobs.

Thinking a career as a physical therapist is in your wheelhouse? Here are some of the options available to physical therapists.

Health Sciences Courses

With basic health sciences courses, students learn, well, exactly as the title implies. For physical therapists who have been through these courses before, they’re a nice review of all of the material that they need to know in order to do their jobs effectively. Dean College offers two different options here, Health Sciences 1 and Health Sciences 2, ensuring that continuing education students have the chance to go through both.

Anatomy and Physiology Courses

Physical therapists have more than likely already taken their fair share of anatomy and physiology courses. However, there’s nothing wrong with taking a few extra in order to brush up your knowledge. Plus, things are always changing and advancing, even knowledge of the human body, so it never hurts to take these courses under the guise of continuing education. After all, working a job that requires detailed knowledge of both anatomy and physiology means that your skills will only be enhanced when you take these courses. Dean College offers both Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2, ensuring that students have plenty of chances to learn and grow the knowledge.

Natural Science Electives

Another option is natural science electives, which consist of a number of different classes, all revolving around the natural sciences in one way or another. Students can choose those that apply to the health field, making them a great option for those fulfilling those continuing education units.

Earn a New Degree

The Dean College School of Continuing Studies offers a number of different college degrees, including an associate degree in Health Sciences. For physical therapists that want to go on and change their career paths slightly, this is a good place to get started. The degree requires a number of the courses described above, as well as others, such as general education courses and plenty of electives. Even better, the classes are offered in a number of non-traditional formats, including online and hybrid courses, making it easier for students who have a lot on their plates.

Consider Continuing Your Education at Dean College

There’s nothing quite like a continuing education program that’s designed for students who have to balance work, family life, and more all at once. By taking courses through the Dean College School of Continuing Studies, physical therapists can either get their needed units in and keep up with their licensing requirements, or go in another direction and earn another degree. The possibilities are endless!