image of gloved hands fingerprinting someone

Wondering what you can do with a degree in criminal justice? Here are a few of the many career options that await.

Work as a Private Investigator

Private investigators have very interesting jobs. They work with private clients, and in some cases, law enforcement, in order to find out additional information. People who may hire them include family members trying to locate missing 

loved ones, individuals who suspect illegal or unethical business practices and more. A degree in criminal justice can help those who want to work as private investigators, as it gives them insight as to how research and the justice system works.

Get a Job as a Forensic Science Technician

Thanks to shows like CSI, Criminal Minds and NCIS, forensic science is incredibly popular. Although you need some science knowledge in order to work as a forensic science technician in a laboratory, you also need good investigative and observational skills in order to be out in the field gathering evidence, both of which are taught in criminal justice programs.

Enhance Your Investigative Reporter Skills

Investigative reporters do much more than just interview people. They also pour over court records, go through police reports, and in some cases, check out the crime scenes once the police investigators have finished doing their jobs. In order to do the job well, a solid understanding of the criminal justice system is in order.

Become a Parole Officer

Parole officers have a very important job. They keep track of former prisoners who are on parole, ensuring that they are doing everything that they are supposed to in order to properly reenter society. Since the job requires working closely with former prisoners, it helps to know more about criminal justice.

Spend Time Advocating for Victims

Victim advocates often have some sociology or psychology training, or they’ve learned the skills needed to work with victims of violent crimes over time and through experience. However, learning more about criminal justice helps those advocates view things through the point of view of law enforcement, providing them with an additional perspective that helps them navigate the system.

Keep an Eye on Criminals Serving Time as a Corrections Officer

Corrections officers work in prisons, spending their time on the job ensuring that prisoners follow the rules and stay in line. Some criminal justice training helps in this line of work, because the coursework teaches more about the system, how it works and why corrections officers have an important job.

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