Dean College students dancing on stage.

Friday, October 25, kicks off two nights of the Dean Faculty Dance Concert – an annual performance that includes an array of dance styles like modern, ballet and tap. The performances are choreographed by Joan Phelps Palladino School of Dance faculty and renowned guests. We spoke to Kristina Berger, assistant professor of dance and the director of the concert, to learn more.

Q: For someone not familiar with the format of the performance, can you give an overview of what they will be experiencing?

A: Audiences will experience the wide range of techniques, styles and genres that are represented at the Joan Palladino School of Dance at Dean College. New this year, we will have a collaboration between a live musician and three dancers, each representing a different genre: modern, ballet and tap! The tap dancer bridges the connection between musician and dancers, and all of the performers use elements of improvisation as part of the creative process.

Q: What dance styles will be featured?

A: Ballet, post-modern, modern, jazz, tap and many variations of each!

Q: How are performers and performances chosen?

A: The dancers are selected by the choreographers based on concert, in concept, originality, compositional skills, etc.

Q: What has the role of director involved for you?

A: I had the honor of working with our musician, Rick Morin, in creating the concept, casting dancers, arranging rehearsal space and organizing schedules for his collaborative music/dance piece “Something from Nothing.” The title says it all! It has been very exciting to witness the development without any connection to choreography, only production.  I’ve also assisted in casting and scheduling rehearsals for some of our other choreographers. 

As the director, I set up individual techs for each choreographer, communicate with crew, choreographers and dancers every day. I gather music, program information and costume requests and pass that information on to the superstars who make this all possible. 

Interested in purchasing tickets to this exciting performance? Visit the Dean College Box Office to learn more!