Esports is rising in popularity. Are you a competitive gamer? If so, the Dean College Esports club could be for you! We caught up Zac Baldino ’21, the club’s senior advisor and content creation coordinator, to learn more about competitive gaming.

Q: What is Esports for people who may not know?

A: Esports is the online form of sports. There are leagues just like the NFL, NBA, MLB, WNBA and more. The leagues are based around certain video games like Call of Duty, Super Smash Brothers, Rainbow Six Siege, Formula 1 and Rocket League. There are many teams for Esports just like regular sports. Some professional sports team owners like The Kraft Group, owners of the New England Patriots, also own an Esports team (Boston Uprising).

Zac B. '21 competing in an Esports competition

Q: What is your role in the Esports Club and what does it entail?

A: I serve as the senior advisor and content creation coordinator for the Esports club. As the senior advisor, I oversee the members of the executive board and the general membership of the club. I act as the liaison between the board members and the staff members in the office of student activities. As the content creation coordinator of the club, I oversee the club’s social media channels.  

Q: What made you want to get involved in the Dean College Esports club?

A: I wanted to get involved in the Esports club to help share my love for videogames with students on campus. During my freshman and sophomore years at Dean, I participated in a few non-Esports competitions, like Rocket League events. After helping to run these events, I heard about the Esports club and I knew that this was the club I should join. I later joined the executive board and now am the senior advisor of the club.

Q: Have you been involved in any Esports competitions? If so, tell us about your experience competing.

A: I have been involved in two Esports competitions. One competition was during a New England Collegiate Conference (NECC) at Becker College to help bring Esports to the NECC. My experience was amazing! When we arrived at Becker College in Worcester, we were checked in to make sure that we were seeded correctly. When players are “seeded” they are ranked highest to lowest based on skill level, so the best players are seeded in the top 5 and go on from there. The second competition was at Stonehill College. This event was hosted by their Esports team and consisted of ‘Crew Battles” and a singles bracket called “Dig Deep 2.” 

Q: What is your favorite part about being involved in the Esports club?

A: My favorite part about being involved in Dean’s Esports club is gaining new friendships and continuing to grow existing friendships. Since joining, I have grown as an Esports competitor, as well as a leader in my position.

Q: How can students get involved in the Esports club?

A: Students can get involved in the Esports club by attending one of our events in the campus center Atrium. We host a bunch of different games every week. Most of the games we use for events are Mario Kart or Super Smash Brothers. Students interested in joining the Esports club can contact student activities to learn more.

Q: What skills have you learned by being involved and how will they help you with your future career?

A: Being involved in Esports has helped me learn leadership skills and how to lead a group of individuals. I have also learned time management skills, especially when it comes to coordinating fast-paced events. The experience I have gained from this club will help me in all of my future endeavors.  

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