We asked some of our students to share feedback on their virtual classes and new study space. We wanted to know how they're coping, what new learning tools they're using and how they overcome challenges. Here is what our students have to say about their learning environment.

Brianna B. ’21

Major: Arts & Entertainment Management

"The transition to online classes has been overwhelming at times in terms of additional emails. Although, now more than ever, my work ethic and dedication to my future has been enhanced. I substitute my bedroom with 3 wall mirrors for Thayer Barn. Together, my living room and kitchen have become Guidrey, for studio time and space. Personally, my dance teacher growing up was whoever was on the T.V. I learned the style of Hip Hop solely from movies, music videos, award shows etc. until I attended Dean College. So, the transition to watching video clips, and reading articles relating to dance has not been too difficult for me, but rather a humbling experience back to my foundation of dance." 

Kelsie R. ’20 

Major: Dance / Minor: English 

"For my Modern class, our online assignment was to take four poses from Martha Graham and find a creative way to replicate them using the environment around us. Graham’s nineteen poses represent the Nineteenth Amendment, which is the women's right to vote.  I found this assignment inspiring but also challenging. It was cool to reenact Martha Graham's poses and to try to find a way to make each pose my own. It has been a huge adjustment for all of us, but every time I am feeling stressed, I unwind by taking a walk or going for a drive."

Nathaniel M. ’22

Major: Global Studies

“The shift from campus to online learning has presented new challenges for me. However, the diligence of the faculty and the support of my friends from Dean have helped me adapt and excel in a new learning environment. The most important aspect of succeeding for me has been having a separate space to do my schoolwork to minimize distractions. I’m really enjoying Dr. Dennis’ Modern Middle East class so far. Dr. Dennis is doing a great job keeping us engaged despite the transition to online courses.”