EMT students practicing their basic training requirements while working on a patient laying on a stretcher

An EMT, or Emergency Medical Technician, is someone who attends to medical emergencies, just as the name implies. EMTs go out on urgent calls in ambulances, along with a partner or two, in order to assist and stabilize patients, so they can be transported safely to a hospital. Working as an EMT is something that employees often refer to as “a calling” because of the extent of medical knowledge and training required to perform this essential job. However, before becoming an EMT, interested parties need to go through very specialized training and meet a number of basic training requirements. 

Meeting EMT Basic Training Requirements

Before you can even apply to enroll in an EMT program, like the one offered at Dean College, you first need to meet a number of special requirements. In the state of Massachusetts, these requirements include:

  • Being over the age of 18
  • Remaining in good health (without any physical or mental impairments that could make practicing emergency medicine difficult)
  • Not taking any drugs that may impair your thought processes and cloud your judgement

These three things are necessary in order to qualify to apply for an EMT training program. 

Entering a Certified Program

The next step towards becoming an EMT and fulfilling your basic training requirements involves enrolling in a certified program. At Dean College, students need to meet the three requirements listed above, as well as complete an application form that asks a number of questions regarding personal credentials, such as not having a former EMT license revoked and staying out of legal trouble. Once a person completes their application and submits the required fee, Dean College will determine whether or not they have what it takes to enter and complete the program. This screening process is crucial, because once accepted into the program, students face some intense coursework and training. 

Following Through with the Coursework and Training

EMT coursework consists of a number of different topics, all of which are designed to produce well-rounded emergency medical technicians. Students will attend classes two evenings a week, as well as a special weekly lab session. In all, they receive 120 hours of training, covered in a series of lectures, readings, and hands-on activities. The coursework is designed to not only teach students everything they need to know, but it also gives them the knowledge required to pass the state certification exams. 

Passing the Certification Exam

Taking and passing a series of certification exams is the last step towards wrapping up the EMT basic training requirements. The first two exams cover the information taught in all of the EMT courses and will ask questions regarding the material covered in the overall training program. These exams are called the National Registry of EMTs (NREMT) certification exam and the NREMT cognitive exam. The first is a practical, physical exam that allows students to show off the skills learned, while the second is computer-based and asks a number of procedural questions. After passing both exams, students need to apply for and receive the state certification in order to legally work as an EMT. Completing an EMT Basic certification is the first step towards paramedic training, which is an exemplary program also offered at Dean. Start as an EMT, and dream big!

Ready to answer the calling of becoming an EMT? The EMT training program at Dean College will help you prepare for your career in emergency medicine.