A firefighter training for their EMT certification closing ambulance doors

If you’re a current firefighter, or training to become one, then it’s important to enroll in and complete a certified EMT training program. Many cities are actively hiring individuals who are certified in both firefighting and emergency medicine. Why you ask? Well, first, it simply makes for a more versatile workforce, and, in many cases, firefighters are the ones who appear first on the scene and need to perform emergency medical services on injured fire survivors or accident victims. With these two essential positions being so intertwined, it only makes sense for firefighters to receive EMT training, as well. 

Why Do Firefighters Need EMT Training?

The answer is simple - because firefighters do so much more than just fight fires! Yes, they are first in line when an emergency fire call comes in, racing to the scene with sirens blaring, ready to douse the smoldering flames in order to save the burning home or office building. However, firefighters do quite a bit of emergency medical work as well. 

Look at it this way, when a traffic accident occurs, who shows up? Though many people think it’s the police, firefighters are often the first on the scene, because they have the tools to remove people from the grips of crumpled vehicles. They then perform emergency lifesaving measures until the ambulance and other EMTs arrive. Additionally, people rescued from burning buildings or houses who have inhaled smoke may need medical help. 

There are actually multiple situations where a firefighter may need to handle the work of an EMT, at least until the ambulance gets there. And, since some ambulances are housed in the same firehouse as all of the firetrucks, it helps to have trained workers who can do double duty. 

Fitting an EMT Training Program into Your Firefighter Schedule

If you’re a current firefighter who has yet to complete their EMT training, it makes sense to enroll in a separate EMT training program. The most advantageous part about many of these programs, like the one offered at Dean College, is that they consist of evening classes, allowing for a flexible schedule if you are currently working or completing other training at the same time. It’s also beneficial to know that an EMT Basic certification is the first step towards paramedic training, which is an exemplary program also offered at Dean.

At Dean College, students in the EMT program undergo a combination of in-class time, as well as lab time that focuses intently on teaching the knowledge and skills needed to pass the required Massachusetts state exams. Passing both exams is necessary in order to apply for your official EMT certification. Since the courses take place on two weekday evenings, with a separate lab time, students are able to get all the hours – 120 in all – needed. 

Anyone who is considering becoming a firefighter should also enroll in an EMT training program. It truly makes you a more versatile employee and also makes it easier to find a job in the field, since many cities prefer employees who are both certified firefighters and EMTs. This essential combination simply makes sense, and it doubles the lifesaving capacity of firefighters. It’s a special calling to be a firefighter who saves lives, so enhance your skills (and your career chances) with an EMT training certification today.