Students competing in Esports during the Sport Management Summer Pre-College Program - a great summer camp alternative

Students who want to get into esports have several summertime program options available. One is to attend a sport management pre-college summer program, which provides students with not only the chance to learn more about the subject and get a feel for it, but also earn college credits at the same time. These programs provide plenty of hands-on experience, plus a chance to see what college will really be like. For two weeks, students will have the opportunity of a lifetime – and get to do something a little different with their summers.

Attend Lectures by Experts in the Field

Not only do students who enroll in the Dean College sports management and leadership pre-college summer program get to do something a little different with their summers, but they also get to learn more about the industry. Students will attend lectures given by experts in the field, as well as by professors who teach courses as a part of college major. All of these experts will share interesting insights about the job, helping students to not only learn, but see if the job is one that they’ll enjoy.

Get Hand-On Experience

On top of the lectures, high schoolers who attend the pre-college summer program will get hands-on sports management experience. Since esports and sports management go hand in hand (after all, those esports professionals need proper representation and managers to negotiate contracts with them), these activities make plenty of sense. Whether students are giving a pitch for their “clients” or putting together a plan, everything adds up and provides them with the related experience necessary to see if this a career that they’d enjoy.

Enjoy Your Time on the Dean College Campus

Not only do students get to meet industry professionals, tour a stadium behind the scenes, and get some hands-on experience, but they also get to spend time on the Dean College campus. Since students have two choices, to either stay on campus for the duration of the program or commute (if they are close enough), they can control how much time they spend there. Either option includes meals in the school cafeteria, fun activities with their classmates, and a taste of college life. Students who are thinking of going to college will enjoy the opportunity to see what it’s really like, before they even graduate from high school.

Earn College Credits Before You Even Graduate High School

College can be expensive, so every credit earned before you officially matriculate counts and helps makes things a bit more affordable. The sport management and leadership pre-college summer program at Dean College is designed to provide students with college credits that can transfer to any school of their choice. All that they need to do is officially complete the program, including all of the required activities, attend lectures, have fun, and then do the paperwork necessary to get those credits on their record. After all, there’s nothing quite like getting a head start on college. Ready to get learn more? Register for one of our virtual information sessions.