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Working in criminal justice seems more like a calling than a career option. Those who choose this line of work have a very strong sense of justice and want to ensure that the world is a very fair place to live in. While the top criminal justice careers tend to involve working as a police officer or a member of FBI, there are plenty of alternatives, all of which fall into the criminal justice field. No matter which of them you choose, you’ll still be playing your part in making the world a safer place.

Wondering what other career options you’ll have as a criminal justice major? Here are some of the alternative options to pick from.

Fish and Game Wardens

Fish and game wardens usually work for the state, although some might be employed by large federal parks. They’re in charge of keeping an eye out for poachers, as well as illegal fishermen. These workers need to make sure that everyone follows the laws, and they have the power to take fishing or hunting equipment if those that they catch don’t have the right permits.

Forensics Techs

A forensic tech spends a lot of time in the laboratory, processing evidence in order to determine who committed a crime. They also collect that evidence at crime scenes, ensuring that the chain of discovery isn’t broken. By doing this, they help both lawmakers and lawyers do their jobs.

Private or Personal Security

There are several different types of security officers out there. Some are bodyguards for celebrities and important people who need private protection. Others work for nightclubs, banks and stores, keeping an eye out for people who are causing problems, stealing or worse. In order to work as a security officer, you need to have the right training and some criminal justice knowledge.

Fire Inspectors

Fire inspectors have a very important job. They go into the field once a fire is put out and collect evidence in order to determine what caused the fire to occur. While doing this, they need to keep an eye out for potential hot spots, and be prepared to call in for backup from firefighters or the police when needed.

TSA Agents

A TSA agent is responsible for ensuring that no one is boarding a plane with explosives, weapons or other things that could cause bodily harm to the other passengers and airline workers. They screen luggage, check metal detectors and x-ray machines, and pull passengers aside for additional screening when needed.

Probation Officers

In order to work as a probation officer, you often need to have a degree in criminal justice. Probation officers have the tough job of keeping track of former prisoners while they’re still on paper, making sure that they are properly acclimating to life outside of jail.

Emergency Management Planners

Larger companies that need to have an emergency plan in place in case of a fire, flood or terrorist event hire emergency management workers. These employees are in charge of creating evacuation plans and phone trees, as well ensure that things like sprinklers and alarm systems are properly working.

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