Two surgeons working on a patient in a hospital

Enrolling in a part-time Pre-Nursing program that prepares you for RN school is a big decision to make. Whether you currently work in the healthcare field and want to jump ahead in your career path or you are unhappy with your existing job and want to make a career switch, you'll need to head back to school and hit the books. Even better, with a part-time program, you're still able to work a full-time job, pay your bills, and support your family. This is much easier and less stressful than making a big career change all at once – with a part-time Pre-Nursing RN program, you can ease into it. Flexible schedules and the potential for online courses are added advantages of these programs. However, once you're in the classroom, you do need to know how to get the most out of every learning opportunity. After all, this is your future career. 

Ask as Many Questions as You Can During Classes

Since you'll only be in class part-time, you need to spend your time wisely, asking as many questions as you can. While the program at Dean College also puts you in touch with your professors for when you have questions outside of the classroom as well, it's always easier to ask for clarification on concepts and terms in person or virtual one on one meetings for the time being. In order to get as much as you can out of your learning experience, it's important that you walk away from each session with a deep understanding of the curriculum presented. 

Better Work-School-Life Balance Makes You a Better Nurse

Speaking of being a better nurse, learning how to balance everything in your life, from school to work to life in general (like spending time with your family) is the key to excelling in the field. After all, RNs typically work 12-hour shifts, leaving them to balance everything else in their lives during their off hours. Rather than agonize and burn yourself out by trying to do everything and be everywhere all at once, it's good to learn how to balance everything now, while you're still in school before stepping into your new career. Learning to juggle your life, work, and school schedule will make you a better, more attentive nurse, because you'll be in full, calm control of your life. 

Network with Others in the Healthcare Industry

Networking is the key to getting a job in most fields and nursing is no exception. The nursing courses at Dean College are taught by experts in the healthcare industry, many of whom have ties to various local hospitals. Your fellow students also come from multiple walks of life, and may already work in the field as well, just in a different capacity. Spending some time getting to know your classmates and your professors can only help improve your future job prospects and open doors of opportunity you didn’t even know existed. 

Ready to enroll in a part-time Pre-Nursing RN program? While it may only be a part-time program, it’ll provide you with a lifetime of full-time rewards. So, jump in, and start charting your own career path in the life-changing field of nursing.