A Dean College Sport Management Summer Pre-College Program student learning the ins and outs of eSports on a computer, with help from a professor.

Do you live for sports? If so, you may be dreaming of a career that involves your passion, and Dean College’s summer sports management program are designed specifically to prepare you for a long and prosperous career in sports.

You don’t have to be a sought-after quarterback to have a successful career in the sports industry; if you live and breath for sports, there’s a job in the sports industry for you.

These programs focus on the behind-the-scenes action of sports and incorporate incredible trips, experiences, and opportunities to meet professionals in the field, where students can learn more about the career responsibilities and tasks. These programs teach high school students crucial business skills, which gives them a taste of what it’s like to run a professional sports franchise, or how to effectively run a professional sporting arena and its supporting facilities.  

High schoolers are afforded the opportunity to attend one of these pre-college programs, where they’ll learn the ins and outs of delivering sports and entertainment to consumers with a hands-on program, all while earning college credit along the way. 

Learn Whether a Career in Sports is Right for You

Pre-college programs are great because they offer students a chance to learn whether a career choice is the right fit for them before they’ve invested four years and thousands of dollars into their decision.

Attending our summer sports management program gives students time to explore a career in sports, hear from seasoned professionals in the field, and get hands-on experience in carrying out the tasks a professional would be expected to perform. By the end of the program, students have a better overall perspective of their future career. 

What our Summer Sports Management Program Entails

While attending our summer sports management program, you’ll learn all the components of delivering a great fan experience. You’ll garner all the skills you need, including communication skills, ticket sales, security, concessions, and event planning through both classroom and hands-on instruction. 

Dean’s program lasts two weeks and offers two affordable options: whether you commute from home or stay in the residence halls, every student will experience trips to Gillette Stadium, attending sporting events, Esport gaming sessions, and lectures from today’s sports leaders. For the students For the students who choose to stay overnight on campus, any night and weekend activities are included in the students’ room and board, too, which makes it easier for students, financially. All these experiences are packed into two weeks, making for an unforgettable experience!

Find a Program Rich in Experience

What sets Dean’s summer sport management program apart from others? It’s simple. They are all-inclusive, offering a great mix of classroom instruction and hands-on experience. 

Lead by Dr. Ernie May, students can look forward to the following experiences:

  • Field trip visits and exclusive behind-the-scene access to:
    • Gillette Stadium
    • New England Patriots
    • McCoy Stadium
  • Professional lectures from leaders in the sports industry
  • Esports gaming sessions
  • College hours for program completion
  • Sales pitch guidance and instruction
  • End-of-program Capstone project - students act a professional sports franchise owner, using their new knowledge to make strategic and operational decisions for their organization

All this knowledge and unique experience comes complete with housing and activities, such as sporting events, bowling, arcade games, miniature golf, and free on-campus amenities (like all you can eat ice cream, billiards, darts, and movie nights). What more can you ask for? Other summer sport management programs simply can’t compare to what Dean College has to offer your future sport management student.