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Security managers play a significant role in keeping employees, customers and even physical businesses safe from harm. They work for stores as well as other companies, setting up protocols that prevent theft, break-ins and other things from happening. Although not every security manager started out as a security officer or guard, many did and worked their way up to this position.

If you want to work in this interesting and varied field, particularly as a security manager, then here’s what you need to do.

Head Back to School

Whether you haven’t finished high school or gotten your GED, or you have and want to some additional education, you’ll need to complete your schooling in order to work in the field. And that’s to work as an entry-level security worker. If you want to become a security manager, you’re going to need a college degree or certificate, preferably in a related field like criminal justice. This degree field can teach you more about the law, how to follow it and what’s involved in creating a secure location. You’ll also learn how to spot threats and respond when you see them.

Learn On the Job

In order to work as a security manager, you’ll need some experience on the job. That’s why many people with this job start out on the bottom, catching shoplifters in stores and keeping an eye on the security cameras strewn throughout standard businesses. This type of work gives you the experience that you’ll need in order to put together security plans, supervise employees and act as a security manager. After all, the managers are the ones in charge of the department, so they have to have plenty of experience, as well as the leadership skills to manage employees successfully.

Get a Related Certification or License

Depending on where you live, you may need to pass a licensing exam in order to work as a security officer. Licensing is often done by the state or jurisdiction, although this can vary based on the location. You may need to have a special certification as well, in addition to or in lieu of the license. Once again, it all depends on where you plan on working, so check with your state or local government to ensure that you have all of the necessary pieces in place.

Pass a Background Check

No matter where you plan on working, a background check is a necessity. Your employers need to know that their security personnel have a clean background and haven’t committed any crimes prior to applying for the job. The company that you work for will point you in the right direction here.

Do You Want to Work in Security?

If your dream is to work as a security manager and you’re ready to work your way up to the position, then consider starting with a degree in Criminal Justice from Dean College. Our program will teach you everything that you need to know. Request more information, today.