Student on a production set at Dean College as part of their degree in entertainment management.

If you love the idea of working in entertainment, but don’t want to be in front of the camera, then a career in entertainment management might just be your best option. Getting a degree in this field can prepare you for a number of different professions, all of which relate to the entertainment industry.

So, what can you do with a degree in entertainment management? Here are just a few of the many career paths that you can choose.

Show Producer

A show producer makes many of the crucial decisions surrounding a production, no matter what kind it is. For example, newscasts, daytime talk shows, movies and even radio shows all have producers. By working with others in order to put the show together, the producer makes sure that everything goes as planned and the final results are what they envisioned.

Program Director

All theatre programs, from large ones that encompass a theatre complex to the smaller ones that have a single stage, need a program director. The director finds funding, writes grant applications, hires employees, sorts out the rights to various plays and musicals and more. The skills learned in an entertainment management program will be very useful in most aspects of this job.

Entertainment Promotions

If you want to work in entertainment, but aren’t made for the spotlight, then working in promotions might just be your dream job. Every venue needs someone to do their promoting, whether they book DJs, live bands or any other type of performer. If you have a love for the nightlife, enjoy talking to people that you’ve just met and want a job that provides you with a good time and plenty of work, then consider an entertainment promotions position.

Talent Agent or Manager

Actors, bands and singers all need someone to represent them. A talent agent represents people with the skills to make it in the entertainment agency. They find jobs for their clients, negotiate contracts and have all of the right connections. A manager, on the other hand, does a bit more. They not only collaborate with clients, like a talent agent, but they also manage schedules, day-to-day work, promotions and more.

Public Relations

Working in public relations can be very fun, and the job requires a good amount of communication skills, some of which will be covered in an entertainment management degree program. Whether you’re writing up press releases, speaking with various news outlets or getting your client’s products in the hands of influencers, you’ll be moving in many directions and putting a positive spin on the clients you represent.

If you’re considering going into entertainment management, then a degree in the field might just be your best option. With a slate of courses that include Production and Design, Marketing for the Arts, and Performing Arts Management, you’ll gain plenty of knowledge and experience in the field. And best of all, you’ll be well prepared to take you career to new heights in the entertainment industry. Request more information, today.