Dean College Sports Broadcasting degree student working in the Dean College Radio Station

Did you know that getting a degree in sports broadcasting means that you’ll learn a number of important skills that just about every employer will appreciate? Yes, you’ll put together a reel, spend some time in the radio broadcasting booth, and be able to spout off facts about practically every sport, but you’ll also gain some key skills. Which ones? Here are some of the top skills that you’ll hone while studying sports broadcasting.


Written and verbal communication skills are needed in just about every industry. Regardless of the type of company, someone needs to put together policy documents, draft emails and social media captions, and even produce website content. These are just a few examples of useful written communication.

Verbal communication skills, which provide you with the ability to put together a spoken elevator or sales pitch, give motivational speeches to your team of employees, or just answer the phone in a professional manner are in demand as well. You’d be surprised at how useful verbal communication skills can be.

Public Speaking

Speaking of verbal communication, you’ll also gain plenty of public speaking skills. These are a bit different than standard communication ones because they require you to have the ability to speak clearly, be comfortable in front of groups of people, and put together a presentation that is easily understood. While not every career needs public speaking skills, it never hurts to have them because they may come in handy quite often.


Keeping things organized is one thing that you’ll need to be able to do in the workforce. You’ll no doubt have files to sort and store, either electronic or paper, as well as many different types of forms and things going across your desk at once. The more organized you are, the more efficient you’ll be at your job, which is why this is something that employers look for.

Time Management

In addition to organizational skills, you’ll also learn quite a bit about time management. Learning how to balance many things at once while still meeting deadlines is something that translates well to the workforce. The mere act of earning a bachelor's degree in sports broadcasting will be enough to give you some excellent time management skills.


Think about all of those sports statistics that you needed to memorize in order to get through a play-by-play basketball or baseball broadcast. The skills that you used to remember them are something that employers look for. After all, they want workers who are easy to train and who remember the important tasks and procedures that need to be followed every day.

Earn Your Sports Broadcasting Degree at Dean College

Are you ready to earn a sports broadcasting degree? If so, look no further than Dean College. Thanks to our proximity to the many sports teams in the Boston, Massachusetts area, and our exclusive partnership with Kraft Sports + Entertainment, you’ll have numerous internship and skill enhancing opportunities. Contact us today to get started on this degree path.