Jen (Carr) Cote pictured with Joan Phelps Palladino, founder of the School of Dance

Dean College welcomed Jen (Carr) Cote ˈ08 to campus to discuss her dancing and entrepreneurship experience. Jen was a dance major and the student speaker at Dean’s 2008 Commencement ceremony. Jen has been teaching dance for the last 10 years and, in 2019, launched her own dance studio, Exhale. She addressed the subjects of dance, teaching, entrepreneurship and careers.

Among Jen’s career advice, she told students that every dream is worth the wait – you cannot let your economic situation hold you back. Stick to your beliefs and values, and the rest will follow. She focused on the importance of persistence and giving back to the community. “Hard work is the only way to make it to the top,” Jen told students.

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