Dean Hall, where many in state Massachusetts college students stay

Many high schoolers see heading off to college as a chance to do something exciting: move to another state for school. While doing this makes them feel like true adults who have the opportunity to live without relatives nearby and make their own decisions, it overlooks the many advantages of staying in-state for college.

Wondering why should you consider staying in Massachusetts for college? Here are some of the many reasons.

You’ll Be Closer to Home

Let’s be honest - being closer to home has its advantages. They include the ability to stop by and see your beloved pets on a whim, bring home your laundry rather than pay the fees in the dorm, raid the fridge and even hang out with friends from high school who also stayed in state. There are definitely many more advantages than disadvantages in this case.

You Might be Able to Get Accepted Easier

When it comes to the top colleges in other states, you aren’t the only one applying. Plus, the admissions committees for those schools may not know much about your high school, which doesn’t help your application stand out against the others. By applying to schools in your state, you’ll get admissions people who are familiar with your high school, as well as a little less big-league competition, making it easier to get accepted.

It’s the Degree That Matters Most

According to the experts, a bachelor’s degree is a bachelor’s degree. It’s the knowledge that comes with it that matters the most, not necessarily where you received the degree. This means that you can stay in state and still end up with the same knowledge as those who went to schools outside of Massachusetts.

Travel is Less Expensive

Sure, going to a school all of the way across the country sounds like a dream come true, until you consider the travel expenses. You won’t be able to take many things with you, due to airline luggage limits, and you’ll have to fly back and forth when you want to come home on holidays. Plus, if there’s a family emergency, you won’t be able to travel quickly and cheaply.

You’ll Still be Independent

Independent life is a major goal of every college student. Even though you’ll be close to home, living in the dorms and making your own schedule means that you are indeed independent. After all, having control over which classes you’ll be taking, how you’ll spend your free time, and which relationships you’ll pursue are all part of gaining your independence. Attending a local college here in Massachusetts doesn’t make this any different.

Think About Where You Want to Work

Finding a job after college requires some connections. If you plan to go back to your home state once you graduate, it helps to have those connections in the area. Plus, there’s nothing quite like going for an interview and finding out that the human resources employee is also an alum!

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