La Bete / "The Beast" Poster

The Dean College School of the Arts is now playing La Bête/The Beast. The performance will run Thursday, February 20 through Sunday, February 23. La Bête, translates as “the beast” or “the fool” in French, and this comedy—inspired by French playwright Molière—centers on the dueling temperaments within a court theatre troupe and its royal patrons. 

Dean’s very own actors, Hannah Gagnon ‘21 (Princess de Conti), Joshua Veilleux ‘20 (Elomire) and Nicholas Maloof ‘22 (Valere) answered a few questions about the upcoming Dean College production. 

Q. What is your role in the performance? 

Hannah (Princess de Conti): My role in the performance is Princess de Conti. She is the Patron of Elomire’s theatrical troupe. A lover of the arts, the theatrical troupe is her pride and joy and her main source of entertainment. She cares deeply about the members of her troupe, especially its leader Elomire, so this truly complicates things when she wants to change up the way it works. 

Joshua (Elomire): I play the role of Elomire. Elomire is the leader of the acting troupe within the show. He is very passionate about his art and passionate about the idea of not supporting commercialism in art. He is very headstrong and stubborn about his views, but it is always meant with good intentions. 

Nicolas (Valere): My character’s name is Valere and he is a street performer who gets appointed to the Princess' royal theatre troupe. He is dedicated to his "art" and most of the time that gets in the way of his perception on life. He is blissfully ignorant to the world around him and without trying to be malicious, is very headstrong and full of himself. 

Q. Can you see yourself in this character? If so, how:

Hannah (Princess de Conti): I did not see myself in my character, until I broke her down and realized her humanity. I see myself in the way she loves the arts and cares for others. It can be difficult to see her for who she is underneath all her regality but at the core, she truly is a caring and loving person.

Joshua (Elomire): I think there is a little bit of Elomire in me. We share similar views on art and life, so it’s been very fun to be able to bring those aspects of my life into the character of Elomire. Elomire is also very stubborn and headstrong and I definitely see those characteristics in my own person at times.  

Nicolas (Valere): In some ways, yes! Being an actor, I can see his dedication to his craft. 

Q. What are you most excited for the audience to see?

Hannah (Princess de Conti): I am most excited for the audience to experience a play that is unlike any other we have performed here at Dean. At first glance, the iambic pentameter and rhyme schemes seem daunting and intimidating, but the meanings are beautiful and enlightening.

Joshua (Elomire): I’m most excited for the audience to see this world we have created in 17th century France. I believe the audience will love the language, the costumes, the set and the characters in this show. I think audiences will be most shocked about the shows ending, but I won’t spoil it for them!

Nicolas (Valere): I think I am most excited for the audience to see all the hard work that this cast has put into this beast of a show. This is my first time doing something of this acting caliber and it's so fun to work with such a talented cast. I'm excited to try something new and challenge myself as an artist. 

The Dean College production of La Bête/The Beast will take place in the Main Stage in the Campus Center at Dean College, 109 West Central Street, Franklin at 7:30 p.m. Thursday – Saturday and 2 p.m. matinees on Saturday and Sunday. La Bête is presented by arrangement with Dramatists Play Service. To purchase tickets, visit the Dean Box Office.