Wonderful Town Flyer

The Dean College School of the Arts is now playing Wonderful Town. The performance runs Wednesday, November 20th through Sunday, November 24th. Based on the hit play and film, My Sister Eileen, the musical Wonderful Town tells the hilarious and heart-warming story of two Midwestern sisters, newly arrived in New York. 

Dean’s very own actors, Lily Jeswald ’22 (Ruth) and Ts Burnham ’22 (Ensemble), along with Assistant Director Joshua Veilleux ’20 answered a few questions about the upcoming Dean College production. 

Q. What is your role in the performance? 

Lily (Ruth): I’m playing Ruth in Wonderful Town. She is an aspiring writer who flees to New York with her sister Eileen (played by Amber Rollsten ‘20) to conquer their dreams. Over the course of the show they overcome different challenges together and meet some really zany characters. 

Ts (Ensemble): I am in the ensemble. I perform different roles throughout the show including an artist, a secretary, an editor, a hepcat and a villager!

Joshua (Assistant Director): I am the Assistant Director of Wonderful Town, which includes blocking scenes in the show, working with actors on their acting and assisting the lead director of the performance. I offer constructive feedback and help develop the characters in the show.  

Q. Can you see yourself in this character? If so, how:

Lily (Ruth): I think my personality is similar to Ruth’s because we’re both very sarcastic and always cracking a joke. I find that a lot of the time she is the comic relief during some really tense scenes. 

Ts (Ensemble): Yes! My favorite part about being a part of the ensemble is getting to build and discover all of my character's personalities! The ensemble is one of the most important factors in a big musical like Wonderful Town, and I am so honored I get to perform more than one character to help tell this great story.

Q. What are you most excited for the audience to see?

Lily (Ruth): I’m really excited for everyone to see the show! Amber (who plays her sister Eilleen) is doing an amazing job and her rendition of “A Little Bit in Love” is sure to soothe everyone’s eyes and ears. I cannot wait to see her shine! One of my favorite numbers in the show is “Conga,” which closes act one. It’s an intense song and dance number. I get to share the stage with several talented male dancers. I’m excited to see how the audience reacts, but overall, Wonderful Town is sure to give you a good laugh and a fun night of theatre! 

Ts (Ensemble): The big dance numbers for sure and the amazing cast! We have such a talented cast, each with different strengths, and I can't wait to put it all together.

Joshua (Assistant Director): I am super excited for everyone to see the world we have created. We have so many fun and unique characters in the show and the audience will have a blast watching the performance. The musical numbers are amazing, and the dancing is fantastic. The show has something for everyone. I’m excited to see the audience reaction – I know the cast and crew are eager to show everyone what they have been working on. 

The Dean College production of Wonderful Town will take place in the Main Stage in the Campus Center at Dean College, 109 West Central Street, Franklin at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday – Saturday and 2:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Wonderful Town is presented by arrangement with TAMS-WITMARK. To purchase tickets, visit the Dean Box Office.