A theatre with an audience waiting for a Dean College performance to start

Deciding to study theatre in college is just the first step. The next involves choosing the right school with the best program for your needs. Since there are different types of theatre programs, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each of them carefully. After all, depending on what you'd like to do once you graduate, such as work backstage constructing sets, setting up lighting, or sewing costumes, or even being on stage acting and singing, you'll need to pick a program that provides you with the necessary experience to take those next steps. Wondering where to begin? Here's some advice to help you find the program that best suits you and your aspirations.

Ask About Theatre Productions

Obviously, you'll want a theatre program that puts on a solid number of productions. Don't be afraid to ask how many they have planned out throughout the year. Some smaller schools might have two or three productions each school year, while larger schools might have a heavier schedule. Remember that the more experience the better, but bigger schools could mean that there's more competition for parts. Choose a program that has the right balance for you.

What Type of Majors Are Offered?

There are different types of theatre programs out there. Some focus solely on acting, while others have an array of options, such as musical theatre, dance, acting and even technical skills. Spend some time thinking about what you'd like to major in, and choose a college that offers that program.

Are Technical Skills Part of the Curriculum?

Even students who enjoy being on stage, acting and singing, more than likely enjoy the technical parts of theatre as well. After all, learning how to direct, design sets and lighting, and more are good back-up skills that actors can use to pay the bills while they're on the audition circuit. Whether you want to focus solely on these technical skills or just learn them as a back-up, make sure that the school offers them as a part of the curriculum.

Will a B.A. in Theatre Be the Best Decision?

A Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre is one way to learn more than just theatre skills. While you'll spend a good part of your time on stage (or backstage, depending on your focus), you'll also have to take all of those general education courses. They will provide you with the opportunity to learn more than just theatre or gain skills that you can take to the theatre world, such as management.

If you're looking for a theatre program that offers different concentrations, then the B.A. in Theatre might be the way to go. This program allows you to choose to focus on musical theatre, acting, technical theatre, and even theatre studies. All of the majors require students to take a number of general education courses as well, providing them with a well-rounded education. Auditions are required of students who plan to major in acting or musical theatre. Choosing the right college theatre program is a tall order, but with a little thought and careful consideration, you’ll definitely be up to the challenge. Ready to get started? Request more information, today!