Theatre major on stage during Dean College production after weighing the pros and cons of getting a BFA in theatre.

Students who want to study theatre in college have two options. They can either choose a BA program, which includes a number of general education courses, or a BFA program that is a bit more craft-intensive.

Wondering which program is right for you? Weighing the pros and cons can make it easier to decide.

Pro: You Get to Focus on Your Craft

One of the highlights of a BFA program is the emphasis on the overall craft. In this case, you’ll spend quite a bit of your time in workshops, enhancing your acting and singing skills, if you decided to go the musical theatre route. This will make you a better actor and singer, preparing you for a career on Broadway, in Hollywood or anywhere else that hires people with your particular skill set.

Pro: You’re Getting a Professional Degree

A BFA is considered to be a professional degree. This means that you’ll learn a lot about the field that you want to go into, which in this case is theatre. You’ll take classes on the history of theatre, various forms of acting, and more. Once you graduate, you’ll be able to join the audition circuit knowing that you spent your college years honing your chops, not learning other academic subjects.

Pro: You Get to Do What You Love

Choosing to study theatre in college means that you really love performing and being in front of an audience. With a BFA program, you’ll get to spend a lot of time doing what you enjoy, with less time spent in a traditional classroom. Your passion for theatre will continue to grow and really show through.

Con: Your Education Will be Less Well-Rounded

A BA program usually consists of around 2/3 general education courses and 1/3 in your specialty. This degree is also more academically focused and will help you gain useful skills like researching and writing. For this reason, it will prepare you for a career outside of performing, should you decide to embark on one. Although you won’t spend as much time in the theatre or in workshops as you would in a BFA program, you’ll learn plenty of other things.

Con: There’s Tough Competition for Your Career

In order to succeed in show business, you really need to be prepared for rejection. There are a limited number of roles out there and plenty of people auditioning for them. It may take some time before your acting or musical theatre career really takes off. Although a BFA degree sets you up for successful auditions, since you’ll gain plenty of theatre-related skills, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll land every role.  

Consider Dean College

If you’re thinking about getting a degree in theatre, then consider the BFA program at Dean College. We have various specialties that you can choose from, including musical theatre and acting, allowing you to focus on enhancing the skills that you already have. Plus, you’ll learn more about what goes on behind the scenes, taking classes in set design, directing, and producing. You will emerge both well-rounded and well-prepared for your future acting career.