Dean College School of Continuing Studies students who were ready to go back to school

Adult learners: is it time to go back to school? Do you feel the need to learn more about a specific field, are tired of working the same old job, or want to move ahead in your current field of employment? Well, it might just be time to step foot back on campus.

Not quite sure yet? Here are some signs that you're more than ready to get back in the classroom.

1) You Have Passions to Pursue

If you've put your passions on hold in order to do what you thought you were supposed to do (i.e., get a job in a decent field, start a family, etc.), then now might be the right time to take a chance. Getting a degree in a field that you've always wanted to pursue can open up new doors for you and give you a second chance at a career you love.

2) You Have a Degree, But It's in an Outdated Field

For those who already have college degrees, how long ago did you graduate? Have you kept on top of the latest trends and advancements in your industry? If you want to get ahead, you'll need to learn some new techniques and brush up on your skills.

3) You Want to Move Ahead at Your Current Employer

Love your place of employment, but not your position? Going back to school can provide you with the knowledge that you need in order to move up to a more rewarding job within the same company. With those promotions, you'll gain plenty of job security, more money, and the knowledge that you can control your own destiny. All of those make spending time in a classroom well worth it.

4) You Want to Change Careers Entirely

Sometimes, you know exactly when it's time to switch careers. Feeling as though you do the same things every day, are bored with your job, and hating having to go to work are all signs that it's time for a change. Switching careers is much easier when you have a college degree and the passion to explore a new field.

5) You Can't Currently Find a Job

If you're out of work and having a hard time finding a job that you qualify for, then it may be time to head back to school. You'll gain all of the updated knowledge that you need in order to qualify for a new position.

6) You Want to Set a Good Example for Your Kids

Do you want to show your kids just how important it is to go to school in order to get a good job? Heading back to school provides a positive example for them, as they can see how much work you put in.

Adult students who want to continue their education should check out the Dean College School of Continuing Studies. With plenty of full-time and part-time programs to choose from, these options allow you to get the degree that you need while still balancing your other priorities, such as family and work.