Dean College Men's and Women's lacrosse student-athletes

It’s been one exciting season on the lacrosse field. With the men’s team holding a winning record and the women’s team achieving program milestones, including record goals in a game and their first-ever GNAC win, these teams are on a roll. Defender Peyton Emrick ’23, field player Abby Flood ’25, attacker Rachel Conrad ’23, midfielder Ryan Clunie ’25, and goalie Andrew McKenna ’22 answered a few questions about what being a lacrosse player means to them.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being on your team?

Andrew: “My favorite thing about being a student-athlete and being on a team really go hand-in-hand, because the team feels more like a family and I am surrounded by 37 brothers on the field. It’s helped me feel more at home, being so far away from home.”

Abby: “My favorite thing about being on the women’s lacrosse team is that we are one big family and it's a home away from home. Everyone makes you feel welcomed and is always there no matter what.”

Rachel: “My favorite thing about being on my team is how supportive we all are. We help each other out and we’re all like a family.”

Ryan: “Singing ‘Hey Baby’ in the locker room after the wins never gets old. Go Dogs.”

Peyton: “My favorite thing about being on the lacrosse team is that I get to go out and battle every game with my teammates.”

Q: How has your experience as a student-athlete shaped your Dean experience?

Abby: “Being a student-athlete since high school has shaped me for Dean because it prepared for what it will be like and it got me where I need to be. The Dean experience has been such a great help to our student-athletes.”

Rachel: “It has taught me skills I can use once I graduate.”

Ryan: “Being around the team for most of my day has given me a chance to make some good friendships. Even with people from other sports, it’s like a little community inside of campus.”

Peyton: “Being a student-athlete has helped me get involved and make many friends – not just on the lacrosse team, but across all of the other teams.”

Q: What is your favorite thing about Dean?

Andrew: “I was a huge fan of the Sport Management program here when I began reading about it, then I came to love the atmosphere.”

Abby: “My favorite thing about Dean has to be Boomer and the college mascot.”

Rachel: “My favorite thing about Dean is our sports programs.”

Ryan: “The people, 100%.”

Peyton: “The community and how close is everyone is. I also like the small school aspect.”

Q: What have you been most excited about this season?

Andrew: “I'm excited to see where this season takes us, as our lacrosse team seems to be the best I've seen in my four years. I’m hoping to see the NCAA tournament.”

Abby: “What I'm most excited about this season is seeing my team thrive and reach their goals.”

Rachel: “What I am most excited this season is playing lacrosse with my team, and playing the best we can and to win some games.”

Ryan: “The chance to win a GNAC championship.”

Peyton: “I am most excited for how our camaraderie will translate to our success.”

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