Dean College Softball

The season is in full swing this spring for the softball and baseball teams. We spoke to Alex Marie ’23, utility player for the softball team, Madison Mayo ’24, outfielder for the softball team, Gianna Bencivengo ’23, captain and first base for the softball team and Brian Dovidio ’23, second baseman for the baseball team, to learn more about their experiences on the team and as student-athletes.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being on your team?

Madison: “My favorite thing about the softball team is how many of us have a close relationship and bond on and off the field and that we can count on each other for help if needed.”

Gianna: “My favorite thing about being on this team is having the opportunity to play with girls that are more than my teammates.”

Alex: “My favorite things about being on this team is being able to play a sport that I love with people that I know are just as passionate about it.”  

Brian: “My favorite thing about being on the team is that we're all a big family. Everyone gets along with everyone, and especially for the juniors and seniors that have had to deal with Covid the last two years, we've really come together this year and are trying to make it the best year possible.”

Q: How has your experience as a student-athlete shaped your Dean experience?

Madison: “My experience as a student-athlete at Dean has made me a better student and helped me learn that you are a student first, then an athlete.”

Gianna: “Being a student-athlete allows me to get out of the classroom and focus on other things besides school. It also has helped me build lifelong friends with people that share the same interests as me.”

Alex: “Being a student-athlete has shaped me to be a hard-working person on and off the field. Playing a sport has given me the structure I need to be successful in life.”

Brian: “My experience as a student-athlete here has made me cherish things more. In a snap of a finger, you can have your season canceled and it's something you can't control. I'm definitely taking in every opportunity I can get whenever we are playing this year.”

Q: What is your favorite thing about Dean?

Madison: “My favorite thing about Dean is the location and all the stores and shops nearby.”

Gianna: “My favorite thing about Dean is how close-knit the people are on campus and how everyone knows everyone.”

Alex: “My favorite thing about Dean is the digital studios. This place gives me a place to be able to create and use the new technology we are privileged to have.”

Brian: “My favorite thing about Dean is the kids I've met and became lifelong friends with.”

Q: What have you been most excited about this season?

Madison: “What I am most excited for this season is to hopefully make the playoffs.”

Gianna: “I’m most excited for our team to come together and pull through with some wins.”

Alex: “I’m most excited about being with my teammates and becoming closer with the team.”

Brian: “I'm most excited for this season knowing that a big chunk of the team is playing in their final year. With the last two seasons cut short, we know we can't take years for granted, and know this is the seniors’ last year of playing. We all want to go out with a bang for them.”

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We’ll be featuring our athletic teams throughout the Spring 2022 season. Check back regularly to meet some of our student-athletes and learn more about their experiences as Bulldogs.