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Are you interested in learning more about the U.S. government’s response to our current pandemic? This summer, Dean College is offering HLS 390 – CJ and HLS Response to COVID-19, an online course designed to help you learn about the U.S. criminal justice system and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s response to COVID-19.

In late January 2020, the United States had its first case of the COVID-19 virus. The first American death from the virus occurred in early March. Shortly after that, the World Health Organization declared this virus a pandemic.

Through course studies, you will examine legal, regulatory and commonsensical bases of activities such as a declaration of a state of emergency, quarantine orders, commercial closure commands, medical treatment protocols, vaccination procedures and societal controls in a time of national need. You will also analyze lessons learned from how our federal, state and local governments answered the call to action, and propose what should be done in the future if faced with a similar calamity.

HLS 390 – CJ and HLS Response to COVID-19 will run from 07/06/2020 through 08/13/2020 and is open to current Dean students as well as incoming students, transfers and non-matriculated students.

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