an employee taking notes during a training and development program

Today’s workforce is not the same as it used to be. Employees these days want opportunities to move ahead and learn new skills, making them ideal for training and development programs. Companies need to stay ahead of the curve, making sure that they have future leaders working for their business so they can promote from within, as well as prevent high turnover by providing workers with the chance to learn in a classroom or conference room setting.

These are just a few of the many reasons why your company’s employees would benefit from our training and development programs. Interested in what we can provide? Here are some of the programs we have already in place.

Business Leadership Series

Whether you think that your business could use some new leadership trainees or you want your current leaders to enhance their skills, then this business leadership series might be the best option. This series consists of several courses that focus on various leadership skills, proving that good leaders are taught, not born. In addition, this series can fill in your leadership gaps.

Workshops on Cybersecurity

There remains a constant amount of cybersecurity threats aimed at businesses both large and small. In order to ensure that your company’s systems are protected, you’ll need some cybersecurity employees who have undergone recent training designed to thwart new threats. In addition, your other employees may learn a thing or two at a basic workshop, learning how to avoid threats that appear in the form of emails and more.

Courses on Business Communication

Communication is always something that can be enhanced. While colleges often offer a number communication courses, many of them are aimed at a broad amount of possible career fields, and thus don’t really focus on business communication. If you want your workers to learn how to effectively communicate with one another, then these courses are a great way to get the ball rolling. At Dean, we know there’s much more to business communication than simply sending polite emails.

Additional Workplace-Based Topics

On top of the many traditional workplace courses and programs available, there are several others designed to assist companies who have workers in unique situations. For example, a course on managing a workforce that consists of multiple generations all in one place can help companies that are facing this challenge.

Other options, such as workshops on building rapport and applying critical thinking can help employees in niche situations. New members of a team will appreciate the efforts of existing employees as both bond together while building rapport. Employees who are in positions where plenty of critical thinking skills need to apply can learn how to do so in this specific workshop.

Why Should You Partner with Dean College?

If you’re looking for a college to partner with in order to offer additional training opportunities to your employees, look no further than Dean College. We can create a custom plan just for you, or you can choose one of our existing corporate training programs. Contact us, today!