Transformation Tuesday graphic with photo of Ki'Sean B

Every week, we’re showcasing our graduating students as they prepare to say goodbye to Dean. On each #TransformationTuesday, you’ll get a before and after look at where they started vs. where they are now. Next up is Ki'Sean Bullard '23, a Communications major!

Ki'Sean B '23 freshman yearQ: How has your experience at Dean shaped you?

Ki'Sean: “My experience at Dean has been awesome. Since the day I first arrived on campus I created life-long friendships and bonds that can’t be broken. I’ve met so many people and built a whole family in New England. My experience has also made me a stronger person. I’ve learned how to handle adversity when the odds are stacked against me, on and off the field. I’ve learned so much from my peers and faculty and staff that I will take with me into the next chapter of my life."

Q: What is your favorite memory from your time at Dean?

Ki'Sean: “My favorite memory at Dean was winning the Conference Championship in 2019, starting off the season 0-4 and winning out, overcoming adversity.”

Q: How has Dean prepared you for the future?

Ki'Sean: “Being a young kid from Miami, I was always prepared for the worst and the best, I’ve just always had my mom on my side. When I came to school I had to grow and mature without the presence of my mother, Dean help me get stronger with handling my adversity.”

Check back throughout the semester as we profile members of the Class of 2023 and see how far they’ve come throughout their time at Dean!