Stock image of two laptops and people taking notes while researching the benefits of continuing education

There are many benefits to enrolling in and attending continuing education courses. Not only are many of these classes designed for adults who are carefully balancing family responsibilities and work, but they also can help you gain plenty of new skills.

Many schools, like Dean College, have put programs in place specifically for these adult learners. This way, you’re able to get all of the benefits without having to sacrifice your busy schedule.

Your Salary May Increase

Once you learn new skills, you’re likely to earn more money as well. Whether you stay at your current employer and get a promotion that comes with a larger salary, or find yourself in demand at another business that’s willing to pay for your new knowledge and skill set, you’ll come out the victor. Not only will your skills get you a new job, but your willingness to keep learning as an adult makes you appear valuable to a number of employers. They like employees who are go-getters.

Find New Professional Interests

What are your current professional interests? If you’ve been in the same job or field for a number of years, then you may be wondering about the answer to that question. Stagnation is a very real thing. If you want to reignite your passion for a certain subject or even discover an entirely new professional passion that interests you, then go back to school. Feel free to enroll in courses that sound interesting. You may find yourself working in an entirely different field afterwards, once you discover your interests.

They’re Good for Your Brain

Studies have shown that people who keep learning and exercising their brains run a smaller risk of ending up with dementia or Alzheimer's later in life. It turns out that the brain needs to be constantly used in different ways in order to keep those neural pathways open, working and connected. By attending continuing education courses, you’re doing just this. It’s another good reason to keep learning!

Network with New People

Finding jobs, or simply getting anywhere in life, requires some networking. You could attend conferences in your field, go to conventions and so on, trying to meet new people, but what are the odds that you’ll bump into the same professionals time and time again? They’re pretty high. However, if you go back to school, you’ll get to network with new people, including your professors and your classmates. Finding a new field, as well as a new network, can work to your advantage.

Attend the School of Continuing Studies at Dean College

Are you ready to learn new skills, network with people in your new career field and watch your salary increase? If so, then consider attending classes through the Dean College School of Continuing Studies. We offer a number of different certificate and degree programs, all designed for adults who are already balancing things like work and family life. Ready to get started? Contact us today.