Students in the social sciences lab at Dean College discussing what they plan to do with their liberal arts degrees

What can students do with a degree in the liberal arts? What are their career options after they graduate? The answer is: just about anything. These degree programs include plenty of classes on many diverse subjects, providing students with a well-rounded education. As a result, there are numerous things that you can do with this particular degree, including some of the suggestions below.

Go to Grad School

If you want to attend graduate school in just about any subject, from English or history to law or business, then a degree in the liberal arts will provide you with the best possible foundation. You’ll have learned how to research a subject, write a paper, do a presentation or research project, and more—all of which are things that you’ll have to do in graduate school. 

Work as a Writer or Journalist

Writing skills are an important part of any career, especially if you find that you have a particular flair for words. This is a sign that you could become a copywriter, a journalist, a blogger, a scriptwriter, and more. There are plenty of opportunities in this career field, especially if you have a liberal arts degree. 

Find a Career in Public Relations or Marketing

Regarding writing, these skills are necessary for anyone who wants to work in either public relations or marketing. Both of these careers require creativity, strong communication skills, and expertise in writing things such as press releases, web content, and collateral materials. By enhancing your English, communication, and writing skills with a liberal arts degree, you’ll be set up for success. 

Become a Human Services Expert

Of course, jobs that require writing skills and similar abilities aren’t the only options with a liberal arts degree. If you find that you’re good with people and want to make a difference in the world, then a career in human services is a great option. This track within liberal arts can prepare you for employment as a counselor, educator, or social worker.

Travel the Globe

Drawing upon a variety of disciplines, global studies encourages you to think through and compare the unique and universal aspects of world societies. You can choose between studying a foreign language, participating in an overseas study travel course, or spending a semester abroad for an immersive global experience. With a degree in global studies, you’ll be ready for a broad range of positions in fields such as international business, trade, foreign affairs, and non-profit work.

Want a Liberal Arts Degree?

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